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How CARSOME’s Money-Back Guarantee Works: All You Need to Know

Buying a car is a big decision and a major commitment. More often than not, you’ll be tied down with a loan for a few years, so you’ll want to consider all your needs and requirements before selecting the car to buy. 

But what if you change your mind and find that the car isn’t the right fit for you? Can you return a car after buying it? Well, at CARSOME you can, and here’s all you need to know about CARSOME’s money-back guarantee.

What Is the CARSOME 5-Day Money-Back Guarantee?

Most of the time, you can’t return a car in Malaysia after you’ve bought it, but at CARSOME, all CARSOME Certified cars come with a five-day money-back guarantee. That means if you change your mind about the used car you bought, you can return it to us within five days for a refund, with no questions asked. 

To check if the car is eligible for the five-day money-back guarantee, you can check the inspection report on the car’s listing page. Simply scroll down and you’ll find it here: 

Inspection report on CARSOME car listing page

Note that only CARSOME Certified cars come with this money-back guarantee as they have gone through a professional refurbishment process at the CARSOME Certified Lab. This refurbishment fixes various mechanical, electrical, and cosmetic issues to give you quality used cars in tip-top condition.

CARSOME Certified and CARSOME Value cars on car listing page

Two car listings labeled “CARSOME Certified” and “CARSOME Value”.

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Dos & Don’ts within the Money-Back Guarantee Period

Most of us buy a car to keep it long-term. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t change our minds if we have a good enough reason. When you buy a car from CARSOME, it’s important to adhere to these requirements within the five-day money-back guarantee period, in case you decide to change your car or return it to us:

  • You have not modified or altered the car: There should be no modifications made to the car’s interior or exterior. Everything should be in the same condition as when you received it and all the relevant original documents that you received should be returned as well.
  • You have traveled no more than 300 km: The travel distance of the car from the time of delivery must be less than 300 km. If you have racked up more than 300 km of travel on the odometer, the car cannot be returned.
  • The car is free from fines and summons: Before returning the car to us, you have to settle any parking fees, traffic fines, or summonses that have been imposed on you within the five days of your car ownership period.
  • The car has not been resold or transferred to someone else: The owner who returns the car must be the same person who bought the car from CARSOME.
  • The car is returned within five days from the delivery date: If you change your mind about your car purchase, you must return it within five days from the date of delivery in order to get your refund.

Customer getting car keys

How to Return Your Car for a Refund

Getting your refund if you change your mind is a simple process. Here are the steps to getting a refund from CARSOME.

  1. Visit the nearest CARSOME Experience Center and fill in the vehicle return form.
  2. Return the vehicle to our Experience Center.
  3. Your refund will be banked into your account in 14 working days.

If you traded in a vehicle when buying your car from CARSOME, the vehicle will not be returned to you. Instead, the applied trade-in value of the car you bought will be refunded to you.

Get Quality Assurance & Peace of Mind with CARSOME

At CARSOME, we go to great lengths to give you quality used cars and an excellent car ownership experience. And our money-back guarantee is there to ensure that you can find the car that really suits you. 

All CARSOME Certified cars go through a strict 175-point inspection to rule out mileage tampering, major accident, flood, and fire damage. Additionally, they all come with fixed prices with no hidden fees, and a hassle-free purchase experience where we’ll handle all the documents for you. 

So if you’ve been eyeing that car on CARSOME, just book it for a test drive today!


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