MyOpal Services and Carsome come together for Better Car Warranty and Services

MyOpal Services Sdn Bhd and Carsome Sdn Bhd has come together for a partnership that will provide comprehensive warranty and service packages to customers of Carsome when they opt for their financing services.

The signing of the memorandum of understanding between David Lee, CEO of MyOpal Services and Eric Cheng, CEO of Carsome was held in conjunction with MyOpal’s official new office opening ceremony located at Dataran Hamodal in Section 13 Petaling Jaya earlier today.


(From left) Derek Roberts, CEO of AmGen Insurance, Grace Quah, CDO of AmGen Insurance, David Lee, CEO of MyOpal Services and Al-Meiraj, CEO of Kumpulan Hamodal.

The company’s new office location is in line with the business’ growth and is also situated within a closer proximity with Kumpulan Hamodal; an industrial and commercial development organisation and parent company of MyOpal Services. 


MyOpal Services is the leading and premier automotive insurance and extended warranty provider in addition to being a program administrator. All automotive warranty programs are underwritten by AmGeneral Insurance Sdn Bhd. Customers of MyOpal will be able to discover hidden details, and have a peace of mind with vehicle inspection services offered through a network of over 200 specialised and professional panel workshops nationwide. 

“With all these plans in place, we will continuously strive to provide the best in class service to our partners and customers without compromising quality and satisfaction. We truly embody and strive to deliver our commitment by extending peace of mind to our partners and customers,” David Lee, CEO of MyOpal said.


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