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Do You Know How to Read CARSOME’s Inspection Report?

After learning how to browse our website and down to the car listing, do you know how to read our second-hand car inspection report? In this third part of our buying guide, we’ll walk you through how to read one for you to make an informed decision. 

Second-hand Car Inspection: Imperfection Overview

This section of our inspection report briefly covers the vehicle on the listing page. Here’s what each tab of our second-hand car inspection report contains. 

Exterior Damages

Second-hand car inspectionOn this page of our second-hand car inspection report, you can navigate through the exterior, interior, road test, and undercarriage tabs. Every imperfection of the car is highlighted and recorded from exterior to interior during the inspection process. 

Here, this Toyota Vellfire has had it rough given the amount of paint chips it has sustained from the previous owner. You can click on the gallery to view the images in detail. 

For more details about our second-hand car’s inspection report, you can click on the “View Full Report” button next to the Inspection List.

Interior Damages

Second-hand car inspection reportPart of our 175-inspection process covers the car from body to chassis. Our professional inspectors will comb through the interior of the car to further check for damages.

This second-hand Suzuki Jimny second-hand car from our inspection has an almost mint interior, minus some chipping to the upholstery, windshield, and some paint. 

Road Test 

Second-hand car inspection reportWhen a car is sent to us for inspection, it has to pass our road test in order to make sure all cars are road-worthy. Here, this Suzuki Jimny drives flawlessly as reported by our inspectors. 


Second-hand car inspection reportA car’s undercarriage is often overlooked by many buyers, especially in used cars. They contain all sorts of piping, wiring, and moving parts that make a car work. 

Major Part Inspection Report

For those with keen eyes for details, you can click on the “View Full Report” button. This will take you to another page that walks you through our second-hand car’s inspection report in detail. 

Inspection Overview Page

Second-hand car inspection reportThe inspection overview page shows you the overall condition of the vehicle’s chassis. When a car is sent to us for inspection, we always check for signs of damage sustained during accidents or any dodgy tampering. 

Here, this vehicle in our listing is found to be in good condition with no known prior accidents.

However, the right B-pillar rubber trim was replaced during the refurbishment process. 

Second-hand car inspection reportMoving on to Frame Damage, this part of the inspection report will highlight any damage sustained on the chassis. This car has not sustained any frame damage under the previous owner’s care. 

Second-hand car inspection reportPart of our 175-point inspection process also weeds out any cars with a history of flood damage. Flood-damaged cars, no matter how thoroughly is cleaned, will still retain moisture inside. This is the catalyst for rust damage to occur on the chassis. 

At CARSOME, we will never take in a flood-damaged car for our customers to have peace of mind with each purchase. 

Exterior Inspection Report 

Second-hand car inspection reportAs part of our 175-point inspection process, every nook and cranny of the car is thoroughly checked and ticked off our checklist. 

On each car, we have five tabs covering the entire exterior. You’ll notice each tab has an orange number next to it. This highlights the amount of imperfections and damage the car has. The green ticks on the other hand indicate any component that is in good condition.

Interior Inspection Report

Second-hand car inspection reportJust like the exterior, the inspection process will also cover the car’s interior to ensure all car features, amenities, and comfort aesthetics are up to standards. 

Road Test Inspection

Second-hand car inspection reportAfter the body inspection is done, a quick road test is conducted to ensure all parts of the car drive well.

Our inspector will take this opportunity to inspect any strange noises from the engine, the smoothness of the gearbox, and ride comfort. 

Any signs like a rough-sounding engine or sluggish gearbox will be noted down here. This car’s road test report has passed with flying colors. 

Underbody Inspection

Second-hand car inspection reportDon’t judge a book by its cover; and a car, by its exterior. A car’s underbody tells you more about the car’s past as that’s where all the intricate wires, hoses, and systems are located.

To check the condition of the car, click on the tabs here from fluids to suspension to see what’s damaged or in mint condition. 

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