We Are Here For You: Service Vouchers for Damaged Cars & Discounts on Carsome Certified Cars

Recently, devastating floods have hit the Klang Valley, displacing many people from their homes.

But in addition to that, it has also left many families without their cars. Many vehicles have been inundated with water from the floods, causing severe damage.

In view of this, Carsome will be doing our part to help, by offering those affected with the following initiatives.

Service Vouchers for Carsome Customers 

Carsome will be giving out service vouchers worth RM189 for those who may have driven through flood water. With this voucher, you can redeem an oil change, as well as get your air filter checked and cleaned – inclusive of labour charges.

carsome cares flood relief

Here’s how you can redeem this voucher:

  1. Fill in this Google form with your details and upload a photo of the damaged car, along with the vehicle identification number (VIN) visible. You can find the VIN at the front of the engine block under the bonnet, or on the inside of the driver’s side door jamb.
  2. Upon successful verification, the voucher will be delivered within a minimum of seven days. With this voucher, you can redeem an oil change, as well as get your air filter checked and cleaned (inclusive of labour charges).

RM1,000 Discount to Purchase Carsome Certified Cars 

In the case of flooding, cars may be ruined where in some cases, it may become a total loss. With that, we understand that you might be looking to purchase a car which is why we are now extending a RM1,000 discount voucher for the purchase of a Carsome Certified car.

Here’s how you can redeem this voucher:

  1. During a consultation with a Carsome Consultant, you will need to provide a police report, or your car grant and a photo of the flooded car for verification purposes. If your car grant has been damaged in the flood, you can get a replacement from JPJ for free.
  2. Once your details have been verified, the voucher will be applied to your down payment amount.

This relief will be applicable to all bookings made until 28 February 2022, and car delivery will be fulfilled by 31 March 2021 upon successful booking.

Be assured that Carsome Certified cars are quality checked to ensure there are no major accident, frame, fire, or flood damage. In addition to that, every Carsome Certified car comes with our Carsome Promise of a fixed price, one-year warranty, and a five-day money-back guarantee.