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What is a Car Head Unit & 4 Best Brands in Malaysia

Can you imagine driving around town without being able to blast your favorite tunes? Neither do we. Without a car head unit, our daily commute in the car would be boring and uneventful. Plus, it would also be difficult for us to navigate the road without access to traffic information.

Here’s what you need to know about a car head unit and we also list down four popular car head unit brands in Malaysia in case you’re thinking of getting an upgrade.

What Is a Car Head Unit?

The first audio system for cars called the “motorized victrola” or also known as Motorola, was created back in 1930 and at that time it was only able to receive mono AM radio broadcasts. Today, we can find highly advanced audio systems in modern cars called the car head unit that can do more than just receive radio broadcasts and play music.

Usually located in the center of your dashboard, the car head unit acts as the brain to your car’s stereo system. It allows you to control the volume, adjust the equalizer, and tune the radio channels. With more advanced ones, you can issue voice commands, use a navigation app to help with your daily commute, make or answer phone calls, connect it to multiple cameras to help you park your car or reversing it, and even watch videos online.

How to Choose One for Your Car

If you’re looking to upgrade the generic head unit that is included in your car, there are various options available with a variety of interesting features for your consideration. But before you upgrade, here are some factors that you should look into.

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As cars get more advanced, you’ll find that there are less buttons and knobs for features like climate control on the center console for modern cars. This is because most of the controls have been integrated into the car head unit.

So, it’s important to look for a head unit that is compatible with all the integrated systems in your car and can support these functions or you’ll risk losing access to them once you upgrade. 

Higher RAM is Always Better

You will usually see the amount of Random Access Memory (RAM) as part of the head unit’s listing. Just like phones, RAM enables the applications in the head unit to run smoothly without any lags or crashes. With a higher RAM, you will be able to run multiple apps in your head unit smoothly. We would recommend getting a head unit with at least 2GB of RAM.

Connectivity Options

Wi-Fi, bluetooth, or wired, there’s a lot of connectivity options that a car head unit offers. You can now sync your playlist to the head unit via Wi-Fi, connect your phone to the head unit via bluetooth to play music from Spotify, or you can also connect it to your phone via aux cable to play music.

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On top of that, you also have to consider if the head unit supports either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. You can achieve seamless connectivity between your phone and car head unit with these features. Without having to look at your phone, you can play music and use navigation apps on the car head unit itself.

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4 Popular Brands in Malaysia


Originating from Germany, Dynavin has been in Malaysia since 2003 and their head unit is made with functionality and style in mind. This is why it has been the go-to choice for those who are looking to elevate their in-car entertainment experience.  

The Dynavin DZ Pro Series Android Player is one of their popular models thanks to its numerous features such as 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM – which should be enough for daily use, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, and IPS display with 2.5D anti-glare glass.


Soundstream offers no compromise when it comes to providing their customers with an exceptional audio experience. Their car head unit is highly preferred for its build quality and full functionality that is worth every money you spend on it.

Their best selling model, the Soundstream T3L Android 10 Car Player is equipped with a 2.5D curved touch screen, 1080p Full High Definition (FHD) resolution, and 2GB RAM plus 32GB ROM.


Made with value and functionality in mind, Eonon provides you with top notch car head units that are created by their team of professional technicians. 

Eonon Android Car Player is a great model if you’re looking for a car head unit that performs well without having to stretch out your budget. Equipped with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, IPS display with 1080p resolution, built in DSP, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, you definitely can’t go wrong with this head unit. 


Established in 1989, Mohawk is a brand that represents power and innovation in the field of automotive audio systems. They combine stylish design with quality engineering to deliver a well designed audio system that will make you the coolest person in town.

Their best selling unit, the Mohawk Original MS ECO Series Android Player is equipped with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM to ensure a smooth operation when paired with your phone and a high quality IPS QLED 720p resolution screen that gives you a clear view whether it’s sunny or dark.

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With that, we hope this article will be helpful in your effort to upgrade your car head unit in the future. It’s always fun to drive around while blasting your favorite tunes, but be sure to drive safely!

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