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Top Car Upgrades You can Get to Improve Your Ride

Want to Improve Your Ride? Here Are the Top Car Upgrades You Can Get

Whether you’re a regular car owner or a car enthusiast, it’s a given that you’d want a car that’s comfortable, safe, and pleasurable to drive. One way to improve your ride and breathe new life into it is by installing aftermarket car upgrades. While most people think that car upgrades are for those who want to drive fast and show off their rides, there’s actually a wide variety of parts that you can get to just make your car a better daily driver. Here are some simple upgrades that won’t break the bank and are quite easily available at your local workshops.

car upgrades - iridium spark plugs

Longer Lasting Spark Plugs 

Spark plugs are essential as they produce the spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture in the engine. High-quality spark plugs are an essential car upgrade as they produce a better spark allowing for better combustion in the engine. This ultimately leads to improved performance and fuel economy. Most cars come with copper spark plugs as standard as they are the most affordable and they get the job done. However, if you want to improve your engine performance, you can consider upgrading to platinum or iridium spark plugs.

In fact, spark plugs are considered serviceable parts that need to be replaced around 60,000 kilometers (depending on the manufacturer). You can take this opportunity to upgrade your spark plugs.

The platinum tip on a platinum spark plug is harder and more heat resistant than copper which allows it to last longer. The lifespan of a platinum spark plug ranges from 40,000 kilometers to over 100,000 kilometers while copper spark plugs tend to last up to 20,000 kilometers. Platinum spark plugs also run hotter allowing deposits to be burnt off the plugs more efficiently. If you’re looking for the best spark plugs, consider iridium spark plugs. Iridium is stronger than platinum and can last up to 25 percent longer. Iridium spark plugs also have finer electrodes which require less voltage, allowing for a more consistent spark. 

car tire

Better Tires to Help Your Car Stick to the Road

One car upgrade every owner should get is better tires. Since the tires on your car are constantly in contact with the road surface, they greatly influence your ride comfort and handling. Before choosing new tires to upgrade to, you need to ensure that they fit your car’s existing tire width and rim size.

You would also want to take into consideration the features you want in the tires. There are now tires that handle better on dry and wet surfaces, have better braking distance, or dissipate noise for a quieter cabin. 

Premium brands like Michelin, Pirelli, and Goodyear also have high-end tires with good all-round performance making them suitable for daily use. The next time you change your tires, consider upgrading them to improve your overall driving experience.

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car upgrade - bushing

Suspension and Absorber Bushings for Better Handling

Suspension or absorber bushings are rubber cushions that sit between the suspension and the chassis. They reduce the vibration and noise being transferred into the car’s frame to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Bushings also contribute to the stability of a car by reducing body shift and roll during turns. Most cars come with rubber bushings as standard but rubber wears out and becomes cracked over time, which will then affect your ride comfort. 

By upgrading your suspension bushings to polyurethane ones, you’ll make sure that they last longer. Compared to rubber, polyurethane has better cut, tear, chemical, and abrasion resistance. It also has a better load-bearing capacity. Although polyurethane is slightly stiffer than rubber, it’s still good at dampening vibrations making it a good choice for bushings. Furthermore, the added stiffness of polyurethane bushings will help improve your car’s handling.

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car upgrade - cold air intake

Cold Air Intakes for Improved Power and Efficiency

The air intake system of an engine delivers air to the engine for combustion to take place. The more air and oxygen the engine receives, the more intense the resulting combustion is, which leads to the engine producing more power. Compared to a stock air intake system, a cold air intake frees up the airflow to the engine and sends in cold air. 

Since cold air is denser than warm air, it contains more oxygen. With increased oxygen in the combustion chamber, your engine is able to produce more power while burning the same amount of fuel. Since your engine is able to burn fuel more efficiently, you’ll also experience improved fuel economy.

DVR dash cam

Dash Cams for Security

One of the most affordable car upgrades you can get is a digital video recorder (DVR) or dash cam. A dash cam is a camera that’s mounted on the dashboard of your car. It’s designed to constantly record video and audio out of your car windshield so the footage can be used as evidence in case anything happens on the road. By being able to capture footage of an accident, you can determine who’s really at fault and prevent fraud.

More advanced dash cams even have additional functions like built-in GPS, Wifi connectivity, and 24-hour parking surveillance or parking mode. With the parking mode function, the dash cam will continue to record when your car is parked or, in some devices, detect motion.

These car upgrades can make a big difference to your car yet are fairly easy to acquire and install. Just remember to check the wiring of your car and see if it is compatible with a dash cam – you will need a USB port for it to function.

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