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10 Wise Pieces of Car Advice Passed Down From Fathers

To be a good father is to be a gifted teacher. Who we are and what we do today is a tribute to everything our fathers or father figures have taught us in life. They were there supporting us when we took our first step, told us it was okay to try again when we fell off our bike, encouraged us to press on when things got difficult and gleamed with pride when we excelled in life.

Happy Father's Day

When it comes to cars, wise advice from fathers or father figures is something we take seriously when we are faced with any issues.

So, These Are Some Fatherly Car Advices We’ve Learnt 

So, in light of Father’s Day, here are 10 best car advice we’ve heard from fathers and father figures. These are also pieces of advice you can pass down to your kids.

1. Follow the Service Schedule

The importance of servicing your car on time cannot be overlooked because it plays such an important role in the effectiveness of your car’s overall performance. From routine oil changes, tire rotations and replacing fluids to the inspection of major components, your car’s maintenance schedule identifies the regular intervals on when it is time to send your car for a service. 

Keeping up with the recommended schedule helps you avoid expensive repairs which you may encounter in the future. This is because cars that are not serviced regularly may harm its performance in the long run. Besides that, keeping with the service schedule helps in increasing your car’s market value as it is an indicator of a well-maintained vehicle.

2. A ‘Healthy’ Engine for a ‘Healthy’ Car

Danny Chin, Carsome's Chief Expansion Officer

A well-performing functional car requires a healthy engine and it must be maintained well to avoid issues such as engine breakdowns, as well as to ensure lasting performance. One way to do that is to make sure the engine oil is checked regularly and changed according to schedule. As there are many moving and rotating parts in a car, the engine has to be well lubricated. When the oil starts to degrade and gets burnt off, friction between the parts might slowly increase which will affect the engine’s performance, as well as drivability.

Overheating can also cause engine malfunction. Keeping the temperature of the engine within its cool limits where the cooling system comes into play – when this system malfunctions, (maybe due to a leak), the engine can overheat and cause serious complications when you drive.

3. Wash, Wax & Shine

Cleaning, waxing, repairs and maintenance such as fixing up a minor dent or scratch on the exterior part of the car should become a regular part of your car’s maintenance routine. One of the best tips on how you can care for the exterior part of your car is to wash and polish it on a fortnightly basis to remove harmful debris, as well as reduce the chances of rust.  

On top of that, the paint color and luster will also be maintained. However, remember to use cleaning products that are specifically formulated for cars – this is because they are guaranteed to keep your car’s paint and wax coats safe as other detergents may strip off the protective layers. Formulations such as dishwashing soap may contain degreasers and other chemicals that can be harmful to the car’s protective topcoat over time.

4. Keep Your Tires in Shape

The lifespan of your tires can quickly depreciate if they aren’t properly taken care of. Tires that aren’t properly inflated can be a risk or threat on the road as they can become distorted and explode. One way to avoid this is to check the air pressure in your tires monthly. 

The proper air pressure for tires is determined by the weight and design of the car, as well as the specific tire dimensions recommended by the manufacturer. Usually, you can find the information about the air pressure on a sticker located by the driver’s door.

5. Time to Hit the Brakes or Change Them

Anna Kim, Carsome's Head of Creative & Content

Car brakes play a crucial part in your car’s performance. If your brakes don’t work properly, it can put you, your passengers, and others on the road in great danger. One way to ensure its working condition is to check the brake and the brake pads once a year. 

If the brake pad is worn out or if you hear a cracking sound when you hit the brakes, it is time for a replacement. You should also check your brake fluids regularly as it works in transferring heat to all the different parts of the brake system.

6. Keep Unwanted Creepy Crawlies Out

Pests such as cockroaches can be really annoying and scary for some. They are persistent, breed quickly, and have a tendency of transmitting diseases. If left unchecked, they can quickly be one of the common visitors in your car. 

To prevent any of these creepy crawlies from inhibiting your car, avoid eating or having any food stashed in your car. These roaches survive by seeking shelter and food, so when you eat in your car, you leave behind crumbs that will attract these food-loving creatures.

7. Always Choose Genuine Accessories

When it comes to the safety of your car, buying and using genuine parts are especially important. There are two reasons why you should always choose genuine over counterfeit parts. First is the quality – when you buy quality genuine products, they give you confidence and added security because you know these parts that you bought are made specifically to fit your car. 

Another reason is longevity as genuine parts are more durable, robust, tough, and stay true to their effectiveness in the test of time.

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8. Important Symbols on the Dashboard

Iris Lee, Carsome's Head of Branding & Communications

The symbols that light up on your dashboard are there for a reason and it’s best to familiarize yourself with the function of each symbol. This knowledge will really come in handy when you are driving along the highway and a symbol lights up on your dashboard. 

Some of the common warning lights include the oil pressure light, engine temperature warning light, engine warning, low fuel indicator, and seat belt reminder. You can also keep your car’s manual in your front compartment so you can check these symbols if they ever appear. 

9. Choosing a Quality Used Car

If you are looking to buy a car on a tight budget, opting for a used car is a smart alternative. Not only are used cars much more affordable, but you would also be able to pay off your loan in a shorter period of time. However, we understand that you may be wary of buying a used car because of its second-hand nature. Fret not, with the right dealer, you can get a quality used car with a great deal. 

Here are some ways on how you can spot a good quality used car. 

    • Review the service or maintenance report: Used cars that are serviced consistently according to their schedule give an indication that the car is in a good shape.
    • Check the inspection report: Find a dealer that offers transparency in their transactions such as Carsome. In fact, Carsome lists the full 175-point inspection below all their listings with pictures to showcase the exterior, interiors, and more. Additionally, Carsome offers a five-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty for extra peace of mind. 
    • Take it out for a test drive: Always view the car before your purchase to ensure its quality. Test driving is a great way to test the car’s brakes, tires, gears, and engine for any abnormalities or issues. 

10. Maximize the Fuel Efficiency

Derek Tan, Carsome's Chief Brand Officer

The easiest and most effective way you can improve your fuel efficiency is to change your driving habits. One way you can do that is to minimize driving your car on a cold engine. Driving on a cold engine will burn more fuel as the fuel injectors send more fuel through the system in order to operate the car. Additionally, you are putting the cylinders and pistons at risk of wearing out when you drive off on a cold engine. So, to save fuel, you can start the engine and drive the car at a steady pace without acceleration to warm up the engine to a warmer temperature faster.

You should also avoid braking hard and with rapid accelerations – this will only lower the fuel efficiency because it burns more fuel. Another way to save fuel is by minimizing the use of your car’s air conditioner. You can do this by rolling down the windows during your drives once in a while. 

Remember, Thank Your Dad! 

What we learn from our father, or our father figures are great life lessons that make us who we are today. Their sacrifice, love, and dedication made sure we turned out to be the best version of ourselves and for that, we humbly thank them!

If your father is beside you, give him a great big hug and thank him for everything he has done. If not, ring him up and remind him how much you appreciate his life lessons. 

So, from everyone at Carsome, we would like to wish all fathers a Happy Father’s Day. Stay safe!

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