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Get Your Car Raya-Ready From As Low As RM88 Before the 15th of April!

Get Your Car Raya-Ready! We’re Offering 10% Off On Our Car Service Packages Starting From RM88!

car service Ready for the long road trip back home? Get your car serviced first before your journey! From the 15th of March to the 15th of April, drop by CARSOME Service Center and get your car serviced with packages starting from RM88! 

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Disinfected With Our Cleaning Package As Low As RM25! 

car service Nobody wants to be stuck in a dirty car for hours. Take your car to CARSOME’s Service Center before the 15th of April and get it disinfected with our nano mist and injector combo package! 

Our nano mist and injector treatment will disinfect your car’s cabin and climate control system from the inside out to eliminate mold and a musty smell. 

In addition, only exclusive for this month, bring your car in for disinfection to keep your children and the elderly safe wherever you go. 

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Need a New Part Replacement? Get It Replaced With Discounts Up To 20% on Selected Car Parts 

Picture this – your car, breaking down in the middle of the highway balik kampung. Sounds like a nightmare right? 

Car parts will continuously wear and tear constantly. Without replacement, your car will be at risk of getting into an accident! Get yours fixed and replaced at our service center for 20% off only for this month! 

Here are all the spare parts on sale only exclusively at CARSOME Service Center:

Discounts Car Parts
10% Off
  • Front & Rear Wiper, 1L of Engine Coolant
  • Free Charging Battery Test for Every Battery Purchase
  • Power Steering Fluids
15% Off
  • Brake Pad
  • Brake Shoes for drum brakes
  • Rotor Disc
  • Front Absorber
  • Rear Absorber and Lower Arm
20% Off
  • Spark plug and v-belting
  • A/C Cabin Filter

All CARSOME Service Center Locations in Klang Valley

Get your car service before the holidays! Our CARSOME Service Centers are open at these locations around Klang Valley from Monday to Saturday, 8:30am to 5:30pm.

Book an appointment here today! 

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