Score Your Dream Car with the Cantona Spirit

At CARSOME, our goal is to go above and beyond in setting new standards when it comes to buying pre-owned cars. Now, with the legendary Eric Cantona on board, we are delivering a car-buying experience that is Cantona Certified.  

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Standing by our side as the trusted way to buy a car, Cantona has joined forces with us in ensuring you have complete peace of mind in the CARSOME Certified car buying journey. 

Cantona’s relentless spirit has led Manchester United to victory as their captain, and now, he is one of our captains to make sure you are victorious in buying a pre-owned car. We do this by emphasizing trust, transparency, and choice with CARSOME Certified.  

The New Standard of Buying Pre-owned Cars

The values shared by CARSOME and Cantona are what drive us to deliver the best solutions and services to customers. You deserve the best when it comes to buying pre-owned cars, so we do our best to give you complete peace of mind with a best-in-class experience – CARSOME Certified. 

We do that by giving you trust, transparency, and choice. 


flood and accident free cars

Besides ensuring quality in CARSOME Certified cars, we push our standards further to elevate our promise of peace of mind. Every car is professionally refurbished with the CARSOME Certified Refurbishment Process, an end-to-end solution that begins with a stringent 175-point inspection to ensure all cars are free of major accident and flood damage. 

Additionally, all cars come with a one-year warranty and five-day money-back guarantee to give you further assurance. Like Cantona, our relentless spirit to go above and beyond for you is what drives us to provide pre-owned cars of the highest quality that you can purchase with confidence. 


buy a car malaysia - fixed price

We strive to provide transparency to our customers at CARSOME. All cars are listed with fixed prices, inclusive of road tax, Puspakom fees, loan processing fees, and ownership transfer fees. You also get to view the full 175-point inspection report, close-up images, and a 360-degree view of the car on our website so you can assess every car as you browse with full clarity. 

CARSOME’s desire to break the status quo and set new standards means that we’ll continue building a trusted ecosystem for our customers. When it comes to transparency, there is no compromise.


large selection of cars

We not only have up to 30 car brands to choose from but we give you the choice to shop the way you want, from browsing to delivery. You can browse for cars on our app, website, or visit a nearby CARSOME Experience Center if you prefer a more personal touch. 

You can even choose how to test drive your car. Can’t come to us? No problem, just get a home test drive or a virtual tour of the car from our friendly CARSOME Consultants who will help you with everything from handling the paperwork to answering all your questions. While you’re welcome to collect your car in person at your nearest CARSOME Experience Center, we can also deliver your car straight to your doorstep. 

Buying Your Car with CARSOME Certified

Scoring your dream car with CARSOME is as easy as browsing for your car, booking it, and finalizing your purchase – as Cantona shows it in the video. CARSOME Certified is with you throughout your shopping experience and even after you get your car. 

car delivered to your doorstep - CARSOME

Here’s how easy it is to buy a quality car on CARSOME.

  1. Browse for a car: Browse on our website or app. You can filter cars by brand, model, body type, year, budget, and more. Each listing comes with close-up photos of the interior and exterior, a complete inspection report, and a 360-degree view of the vehicle.
  2. Book the car: Once you have an eye on the car you want, just click on “Get Started”.You can then either book and secure your car, get in touch with us to answer your questions, or schedule a free test drive. Whichever option you choose, a CARSOME Consultant will guide you through the whole process till you receive your car.
  3. Buy and collect your car: If you’re happy with your choice, you can proceed to finalize your car purchase. Whether you choose to purchase your car in cash or finance it with a loan, our CARSOME Consultant will guide and handle all the paperwork for you. After your payment is confirmed or your loan is approved (which may take up to two weeks), you can collect your car at our Experience Center, or have it delivered to you, the choice is yours.

trusted way to buy a car - CARSOME x Cantona

The CARSOME and Cantona team-up spells a new phase for the used car industry as we provide a trusted way to buy and sell pre-owned cars. And like Cantona, we’ll lead the industry from the frontlines to deliver quality assured cars and complete peace of mind.

If you’re looking for trust, transparency, and choice in your car-buying journey, check out CARSOME today. We’ll do our best to help you secure your dream car!