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United by a Relentless Spirit: Setting New Standards with the CARSOME x Cantona Connection

When it comes to CARSOME, we want you to think of us as a trusted way to buy and sell pre-owned cars. With quality cars and services that remain unrivaled, our drive has brought us to set new standards with our pride, CARSOME Certified, to deliver a hassle-free car buying and selling journey. 



We do our best by doing it all – from quality refurbished cars to handling everything including tedious paperwork. This is what we stand for and it is now backed by a football legend – the one and only Eric Cantona. We have teamed up with Cantona who leads on the forefront with our co-founder, Eric Cheng. The Erics – as we call the duo – are now united with a relentless spirit to go above and beyond every step of the way.

Whether it’s breaking the status quo, creating a new standard, or even changing the game completely, the Erics will never rest until they deliver the promise of complete peace of mind to you. 

Two Minds Thinking as One: Eric Cantona’s Relentless Spirit Embodies CARSOME 

Cantona embodies everything CARSOME is – a relentless spirit that has led one of the biggest football clubs to legendary glory, just like the path CARSOME is paving for the used car industry. These facts are the reason why we have teamed up with Cantona. 


  • He leads from the front: Cantona was captain of one of the biggest football clubs with the highest contribution of goals in his first season. Now, he joins a new team  with CARSOME to lead peace of mind in the used car industry. 
  • He challenges the status quo: He always rises to any occasion, challenging the status quo and proving himself with Manchester United’s first title in 26 years. This is a trait that CARSOME thrives on – we have disrupted the used car industry with an end-to-end journey that alleviates long standing pain points for consumers like you. 
  • He’s a champion, just like CARSOME: Cantona is a true champion proven by his track record in everything he does – then and now. In January 2021, Manchester United fans unveiled a huge banner brandishing the word ‘STANDARDS’ which included the faces of United legends, one of them being Cantona. Standards is what CARSOME is setting too, forever changing the industry since seven years ago just like how Cantona changed the fate of his football team (a feat remembered until this day). 

Shoot & Score a Quality Car with CARSOME Certified: The Trusted Way to Buy a Car

The connection between CARSOME and Cantona is a strong one because of what we deliver with CARSOME Certified cars. We constantly strive to provide trustworthy solutions when it comes to buying pre-owned cars with trust, transparency, and choice – a service like no other. 


This is why CARSOME Certified is the trusted choice and more than just a seal of quality. 

  • Trust Our Promises for Peace of Mind

Besides ensuring quality in CARSOME Certified cars, we push our standards further to elevate our promise of peace of mind. This is why every CARSOME Certified car is free of major accident and flood damage following a 175-point inspection, while every car comes with a five-day money-back guarantee and one-year warranty. 

  • No Hidden Fees & Unwanted Surprises

CARSOME Certified takes the worry out of buying a pre-owned car. This is because everything you see on our website is exactly what you will be getting. All displayed prices are all-inclusive of road tax, Puspakom fees, loan processing fees, and ownership transfer fees. A full 175-point car inspection report and 360-degree views are also made available so you’ll get to know the ins and outs of the car upfront. When it comes to transparency, there is no compromise. This means you can check out your preferred car anywhere you want before your actual test drive.

  • A Wide Selection to Choose From

Owning your dream car is easier than ever with CARSOME. Our wide selection of quality pre-owned cars has up to 30 car brands to suit any type of lifestyle. So, browse and book your dream car on our website or mobile app, and our CARSOME Consultants are always ready to assist you at our Experience Centers if you’d like a more personalized buying experience. On top of that, our test drive appointment is available seven days a week. You can also choose to have your car delivered straight to your home* or collect it at your nearest CARSOME Experience Center.

We Win When You Win: Sell Your Car through an End-to-end Journey Like No Other

We are relentless in pursuing peace of mind because we don’t stop there. You can also sell your car with us as we bring peace of mind to both ends of the used car industry. 


We understand your qualms when it comes to selling your car, which is why CARSOME gives you the best price offer and takes every little hassle away from you. It’s seamless, and it’s game-changing, just like Cantona. 

To sell your car, all you need to do is:

  • book a free inspection through our website;
  • attend the inspection;
  • get an on-the-spot offer or send your car for live bidding with our network of trusted dealers nationwide; and 
  • receive your payment in as fast as an hour*. 

This means you can sell your car in a matter of 24 hours*. 

To top it off, you don’t have to worry about going through mountains of paperwork during the car buying or selling process as we take the wheel for that too. This includes taking away the hassle of dealing with different entities and traveling to multiple locations as we bring the convenience to you. We cover items such as loan application, vehicle transfer, and road tax collection to give you a seamless experience. 

So, if you’re ready to experience a CARSOME Certified car or sell off your car, we’re always ready to help. Book your dream car at carsome.my or schedule an inspection today.

*Terms and conditions apply. 

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