We Bust 5 Misconceptions about Pre-owned Cars – Here’s the Truth

Many car buyers avoid getting pre-owned cars thanks to the misconceptions and rumors they’ve heard about the used car market. However, a pre-owned car can actually prove to be a great purchase if you buy the right one. 

If you’re looking for a car but are on the fence about buying one pre-owned – think again. Here are some busted misconceptions that prove pre-owned cars in Malaysia are worth the purchase.

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Myth 1: Used Cars Always Come in Bad Condition

Truth: There are good quality pre-owned cars, if you know where to look. 

The perception is that used cars are old and riddled with problems. But while some car owners sell off their cars due to them being too old, many people actually do so to upgrade or downsize their vehicles because their needs have changed. Therefore, many used cars are only a few years old and are in relatively good condition. In fact, with proper maintenance, many modern vehicles can run without a hitch well past the 100,000-kilometer mark. 

Although many used car dealerships do inspect and mildly refurbish the cars they sell, at CARSOME we take it up a notch with our detailed 175-point inspection that ensures every car is free of major accident and flood damage. Only a limited number of cars that satisfy our strict requirements get the CARSOME Certified seal of quality and are dubbed as roadworthy.

Furthermore, all CARSOME Certified cars are professionally refurbished with a five-step process that covers:

  • A stringent selection: We only select cars that have passed our 175-point inspection.
  • Mechanical and general repairs: We follow global safety standards during our repairs and even go beyond that when it comes to tire tread depth and brake pad thickness. We also use tools such as an Onboard Diagnostic Scanner (ODS) to service electronic issues.
  • Body and paint: We carry out a three-step high-performance paint correction process and use only quality OEM paints. Following that, polishing is carried out with protective wax.
  • Detailing: For the final touch, we carry out an exterior wash including the engine bay and an interior deep clean of the car.
  • A final quality check: Lastly, we inspect every part of the car according to our strict standards.

After going through our highly-detailed five-step refurbishment process, every car delivers safety beyond standards, complete comfort, and refurbished aesthetics.


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Myth 2: Used Cars Don’t Come With Warranty for Peace of Mind

Truth: Not all! There may be leftover warranty coverage or just buy from CARSOME to enjoy a one-year warranty regardless.   

New cars generally have a manufacturer’s warranty of up to five years and if the owner sells it within the warranty period, the new buyer can still enjoy the leftover warranty coverage. Even if you purchase a used car with expired warranty coverage, most dealerships offer a limited warranty of several months on their pre-owned vehicles. 

We know the importance of a warranty, which is why every CARSOME Certified car comes with a one-year extended warranty that further elevates our promise of peace of mind. 

Myth 3: You’re Stuck with the Used Car You Bought No Matter What

Truth: This is only true if you go the conventional way because there are pre-owned cars that come with a money-back guarantee.

In most cases, you won’t be able to return a car that you’ve bought, be it a new or used car as the dealer isn’t legally obligated to issue you a refund. However, under special circumstances, some dealerships do allow you to return the car if you’re unhappy or if it has major issues. This is where CARSOME does it differently.

CARSOME offers a five-day money-back guarantee on all cars, no questions asked. So if you change your mind or if you realize that it’s not the best fit for you, you can return it for a  refund.

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Myth 4: You Have to Deal with Shady Dealers & Hidden Fees

Truth: Hidden fees tend to exist with conventional used car buying, but platforms such as  CARSOME practice fixed prices that are already all-inclusive. 

Many people don’t put in enough research when shopping for a used car. As a result, they may end up paying more than what the car is worth and even pay hidden fees imposed by conventional used car dealerships. This is why to get a good deal on a used car, you should research the original retail price of the car, compare prices at different dealerships, and check out the vehicle’s market value online. You should also get a breakdown of other costs before finalizing the purchase. 

But, uncovering the price of a car can be quite a hassle in itself. So, to combat this, CARSOME not only ensures quality but our pre-owned cars are priced fairly according to their conditions with fixed prices and no hidden fees – the price you see on our website, is exactly the price you will pay. The listed price already includes the road tax, one-year warranty, ownership transfer fee, Puspakom inspection fee, and the loan processing fee. 

Additionally, you can access a full 175-point inspection report on the car and get a 360-degree unedited view of it on our website before you even visit our CARSOME Experience Center for a free test drive. We know transparency is important to you and we don’t compromise.

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Myth 5: There Aren’t Many Quality Pre-owned Cars & the Buying Process is a Nightmare

Truth: It’s not that hard to buy a pre-owned car. This is only true if you look at the wrong place –  you just need to know where to shop. 

These days, buying a used car in Malaysia is just as easy – if not easier – as buying a new one. Although you still have to submit the necessary paperwork such as your identification and financial documents, you don’t need to wait months to get your car because it is readily available. These days, the wait for a new car can be up to several months, depending on the car you are looking for.

Additionally, when you buy a used car, it opens up the doors to an abundance of choices as many makes and brands are ready for test drives. On top of that, when you buy with CARSOME, you can shop whichever way is convenient to you. You can browse our large selection of cars of up to 30 car brands on our website or app and book a free test drive at a nearby CARSOME Experience Center. When you’re ready to purchase, we’ll handle all the paperwork for you. Then, you can pick up your car or even opt for it to be delivered to your doorstep.

CARSOME Certified is More Than Just a Seal of Quality 

As you have read, many misconceptions about pre-owned cars are just not true. In fact, buying a pre-owned car in Malaysia can be a great choice, especially if you buy a CARSOME Certified car.  

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By purchasing from CARSOME, you can enjoy a hassle-free process because CARSOME Certified is more than just a seal of quality – it is a new standard of buying a pre-owned car that offers peace of mind every step of the way.  So if you’re looking to buy a pre-owned car or even sell yours, do check out CARSOME now! 

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