Looking For A New Car Colour? Nippon Paint Could Help You.

In a survey conducted by Nippon Paint Malaysia Group among 515 car owners, it was revealed that 71 per cent of Malaysia car owners would choose to change their car colour. If given a choice, Malaysians would happily give their cars new coating and a new colour. The survey further revealed that 56 per cent of car owners were adventurous in their choice of colours and are generally receptive towards non-conventional colours such as yellow, purple, pink, orange, green, red and blue.


The survey encompasses 21 per cent female and 79 per cent male respondents from the age of 20-39. It was reported that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) usually provide consumers the choice of conventional monochromatic colours which are white, black and silver, these choices rest with them. Is there an underlying reason behind it? Other key insights tabled in the survey showed that 57 per cent of Malaysians prefer compact vehicles while 25 per cent prefer sport utility vehicles (SUV) or multipurpose vehicles (MPV).


Trend Colours for Mobility 2018/19

Elaborating on the inspiration behind Trend Colours for Mobility, Mr Eugene Yong, Senior Marketing Manager of Nippon Paint Malaysia Group commented, “Preferences, choices and style outlines individuals’ character and personality. We believe that these thematic, adventurous colours derived by Asian designers would not only hit the right notes amongst Malaysians but to also provide opportunities for personalisation to end consumers, as well as challenge the norms of utilising only conventional colours in the automobile industry.”


Transient Glow

The “Transient Glow” colour palette was curated to create a dreamlike, surreal yet elegant and spirited environment. This colour set consists of shades of purples and pastels to exude the sense of warm and youthful authenticity.


Conscious Being

The “Conscious Being” palette comprises of key colours like blue, grey and silver hues, as it serves as the top colour of choice for digital natives who appreciate the possibilities of technology integration in everyday life.


Essential Balance

It was put together to appeal to drivers who appreciate luxury craftsmanship of natural elements. The shades of brown, gold and silver with grey hues brings zen-like calmness and expresses back-to-basic understated luxury.


Seeking Adventure

This colour theme consists of shades of red, green and blue which exudes the sense of natural, rugged, thrill and extreme fearlessness, and a preferred choice for experience seekers.


Colour Choices And Personality

What makes you choose the colour of your car? Does it reflect your personality? Click here for Nippon Paint’s Smart Vehicle Colouriser!


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