It’s Easier To Sell Your Car Than You Think!

Let’s be realistic. Selling a car usually entails a few things that is usually long and tiresome. You’d want an easy way to have the least amount of hassle that is involved in the process of selling a car. What isn’t easy? Going through the classifieds and waiting for a buyer, visiting dealerships for the best price, and worst of all, haggling when the going gets tough.

With Carsome, all of the above gets simpler. Read on to find out how.


Researching for the best price

The Conventional Way

Here’s is how it usually works. You’d head on to a classified site to check for the price of the car you’re looking to sell (eg. Perodua Myvi). But the prices you find online are in fact prices that have been set based on its current market value for new owners to purchase at, not the market trade in price that usually a dealer would take in at.

The issue that arises from this is that car prices are dependent on various factors like age, mileage, condition, service record, demand and more. All of which are unique with every individual vehicle.


The Carsome Way

At Carsome, you’d only need to fill in your car’s manufactured year, brand, and model with engine capacity and transmission type, and we’ll return your request with a call on a quotation value of your car.

How do we calculate the price of your car? To date we have over 4,700 cars sold, and have a comprehensive market knowledge and data to evaluate cars realistically. While you might feel that the prices we estimate your car to be low, these prices are numbers that have yet to be assessed by our team of inspectors.


Have it inspected

The Conventional Way

There is no assured way to find out the true condition of your vehicle without a trained mechanic or proper equipment at hand. Assuming you engage with your friendly neighbourhood mechanic, you’d still require a fee to compensate him for his services.


The Carsome Way

With Carsome, the process is simpler and more efficient. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment with us, our trained inspectors will do a 162-point check on your vehicle at our Inspection Centre’s (which will take 15 to 30 minutes) and put together a report that compiles an estimation of your car’s value at its present state.


Transaction and Procedures

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The Conventional Way

We all do think about the dreaded steps that comes with selling that car. Car registration cards, loans to pay off, these are just the few things. Don’t forget the time taken at Puspakom (Malaysian Computerised Vehicle Inspection Centre) for an inspection, and furthermore at JPJ (Road and Transport Department), you’ll have your patience tested before it even all begins.


The Carsome Way

Should you decide to sell your vehicle with us, you can sit back and relax. Should you proceed with our bidding system, we’ll send you a link for you to view your vehicle as it bidded by over 800 dealers in real time. Should you decide to sell, you’ll only need the necessary documents such as Original Registration Card, AP Forms or Purchase Invoice and we’ll do the necessary paperwork right before your eyes!


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Selling a car isn’t as easy as it looks. It takes time, patience and effort for the seller to go through the necessary before it is eventually sold.

But don’t despair, we’ve made it easy the 21st century way to sell your vehicle, and have many happy customers that can attest to. The only thing you’d need to come to terms with, is letting it go of a vehicle you’ve grown accustomed to and emotionally with, and making way for something new.


What do you need when selling your car? Click here to find out the documents required!


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