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How the CARSOME Dealer Dashboard Helps Car Dealers for a Smooth Car Auction

CARSOME doesn’t only provide a seamless, convenient car buying and selling experience to consumers. We also connect sellers with used car dealers via the CARSOME live bidding platform. This platform is where car owners who want to sell their cars can put them up for auction for our used car dealer partners to bid on.

Besides helping car owners fetch a fair price for their cars, this platform allows dealers to build their inventory with a wide range of quality cars in one place. Best of all, dealers can trust in the roadworthiness of the cars as we thoroughly inspect all cars at 175 points before putting them up for auction.

To help you as a partner dealer, the CARSOME dealer dashboard has all the features you need to streamline your car bidding and management process. Here’s what you need to know about it.

The CARSOME Dealer Dashboard My Garage

What Is the CARSOME Dealer Dashboard?

The CARSOME dealer dashboard is a one-stop platform where used car dealers registered with CARSOME can bid on the latest used cars that come through us and grow their inventory. When a car owner opts to put their car up for auction on CARSOME’s live bidding platform, you, as a dealer, can view and bid on the cars you need for your inventory, all on your dealer dashboard. 

The dashboard houses everything you need to manage your cars from viewing your past and current car bids, to paying for the bids you’ve won. With it, you can easily build your inventory with quality cars without needing to step out of your office.

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What Can You Do in Your Dealer Dashboard?

The dealer dashboard is where you manage all your bids, so it’s packed with features to make your experience a smooth one. Here are the top features you should know about.

The CARSOME Dealer Dashboard Marketplace

Marketplace: The Marketplace is where you can view the available cars and bid on them. Each listing provides all the information you need to decide if the car is right. This includes the mileage, location, and full inspection report. To ensure you don’t lose a bid due to a poor internet connection, there’s also an internet connection strength indicator for you to monitor your connection.

My Garage: This is where you can view all the cars you’ve bought and your current bids. There are also filters to help you sort your cars, such as by payment status, so you don’t miss out on purchasing the cars you’ve won. 

Pay for the vehicles you bought: When it’s time to pay for your car, you can do so directly on your dashboard, with the built-in online payment feature. That means you can skip the hassle of transferring the payment externally, the choice is yours. 

Apply for financing: If you require financing to pay for your winning bids, you no longer need to manually apply for loans. Instead, you can request a drawdown financing for your cars right on your dashboard. Your drawdown balance is clearly displayed in the dashboard so you always know the financing amount you can request.

Access useful guides: The CARSOME dealer dashboard is pretty straightforward to navigate but if you need a refresher on how to use certain features, you can simply access the guide that’s available right on the dashboard.

With the CARSOME dealer dashboard, you can focus on choosing and bidding on the cars your business needs without the usual hassle. We’ll handle everything for you from inspection to collection so you can grow your inventory and business. 

Looking to build your used car inventory, sign up as a CARSOME used car dealer today.



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