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The 4 Pillars of CARSOME’s 175-Point Inspection That You Should Know

Finding a trustworthy pre-owned car is never easy, especially when you have to spend a lot of time and effort in order to make sure the car you’re buying is safe, comfortable, and quality guaranteed.

CARSOME aims to provide consumers with the new standard of purchasing pre-owned cars by delivering absolute peace of mind throughout the entire buying process. This is why every CARSOME Certified car needs to pass a stringent 175-point inspection to ensure they are free from major accident and flood damage.

carsome inspector performing engine inspection

Here are the four pillars of our 175-point inspection that ensures you will get quality pre-owned cars that you can trust when you choose CARSOME Certified cars.

Exterior Inspection

Our 175-point inspection begins with the inspection of the car’s exterior, where our professional inspectors will carefully inspect the car’s body panels, doors, rims, tires and wheels, as well as its lights and mirrors.

During this inspection our inspector will be paying close attention to its chassis or engine number. By verifying that the car’s serial number has not been tampered with, we can ensure that it is not a cloned car and has not been declared a total loss vehicle.

On top of that, another important aspect of this inspection is to check the integrity of a car’s chassis. Here, our inspectors will focus on the car’s joints during the inspection to determine whether the car has been in an accident and has had its key areas repaired or tampered with.

Interior Inspection

After the exterior inspection is complete, our inspector will proceed to inspect the car’s interior. This inspection involves all the interior amenities, safety belts, audio and alarm systems, air conditioning system, carpet, door locks and the luggage compartment.

carsome inspector performing interior inspection

Our inspector will keep an eye on the instrument panel for any flashing or illuminated warning signs, while going through all the knobs and buttons to make sure everything is working properly.

The air conditioning system will also be given priority during this inspection. It should properly circulate cold air and if it doesn’t, our inspector will mark it during the inspection so it will be repaired at our CARSOME Certified Lab.

Short Road Test

Aside from inspecting the exterior and interior of the car, our professional inspectors will also take the car out for a short road test. This is an important part of the inspection to find out if the car’s engine is working properly. Our inspectors will be on the lookout for any warning signs such as excessive vibrations or noises and unusual smells coming from the car when it is being driven.

person test drive a car

This test is also intended to check the car’s steering operation. The car’s steering response should be perfect, where the steering should be able to turn to full lock in both directions without making any noises.

Undercarriage Inspection

Lastly, our inspector will inspect the undercarriage of the car. This inspection involves looking out for any signs of fluid leaks, the exhaust system, brakes, tires, transmission and suspension.

carsome inspector performing undercarriage inspection

Our inspector will evaluate each component during this inspection to ensure that it adheres to our CARSOME Certified standards. Most of the parts in the undercarriage are subjected to constant wear and heavy stress, so this inspection aims to establish that all the parts are in good working condition.

Choose CARSOME Certified for Complete Peace of Mind

Besides ensuring quality in CARSOME Certified cars, we push our standards further to elevate our promise of peace of mind. This is why every CARSOME Certified car comes with the following:

  •     Five-day money-back guarantee: If you change your mind, you can return it within five days for a refund.
  •     One-year warranty: We have the utmost confidence in our cars and will give you an extended warranty of up to one year.

Now that we’ve shared the key pillars of CARSOME’s inspection points, you can rest assured that you will enjoy a quality pre-owned car that you can trust when you buy a CARSOME Certified car.

So, if you’re ready to experience a CARSOME Certified car, we’re always ready to help. Book your dream car at carsome.my or through our mobile application today.

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