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Changing Your Car Paint Color in Malaysia

Changing the paint color of a car is a common trend in Malaysia – we have seen some wild colors on the roads ourselves. The vibrant colors of car paint not only highlights the exterior appearance and its aesthetic value, but it also reflects the owner’s personality, as well as character. 

According to experts, it is said the colors you choose say a lot about your physical, mental, and emotional state. Similarly, the colors you dislike mirror your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. 

But as with most car modifications, there are always rules and legalities. So, if you are looking to change up your car’s body paint, here are the need-to-knows. 

Can You Change Your Car Paint Color Freely?

Changing your car’s paint color is definitely not an offense in Malaysia. In fact, you can change your car paint at any time. Based on the Road Transport Department’s (JPJ) website, modifications that involve minor changes or installation of additional equipment, such as accessories, do not require an application beforehand – however, this is subject to the fact that the identity of the vehicle remains unchanged and these modifications do not interfere with vehicle safety features.

However, modifications to the car paint color must be approved and declared by JPJ in line with Section (12) of the Road Transport Act 1987 – Inspection of Motor Vehicles and Information to the Director General. Every change to a vehicle, including the car paint, has to be reported to the nearest JPJ office within seven days for the application to be approved.  

According to the Director of the Automotive Engineering Department, JPJ, Datuk IR. Haji Mohamad Dalib, any changes made to certain parts of the vehicle must be reported to JPJ within seven days after these modifications are made. 

So, what are the procedures to change your car paint color?

  1. Decide what color you intend for your car. If you choose to paint it in multiple colors, the dominant color or the one that covers 60 percent of the car body will be considered the primary color of your car.
  2.  Bring your newly painted car to your nearest JPJ office for inspection and declaration.
  3. You need to fill in the JPJ K8 form (Notice of Change of Vehicle Details and Registered Owner) and submit it to the officer on duty.
  4. JPJ officers will then check the paint color on your car before approval is given. Your paint job will then be updated in the MySikap system.

The best part? No fee is charged for this procedure.

image source: JPJ’s official Facebook

The Importance of Making Modifications to your Car Paint with the Approval of JPJ

Pursuant to Section (12) of the Road Transport Act 1987, every vehicle owner who changes the color of the car will be handed an Inspection Direction Notice or PG1. The notice is given so that the owner declares to JPJ on the car color change. JPJ usually does not issue a summon because the owner changes the color of a vehicle. However, summons is issued when the owner ignores the Inspection Direction Notice or PG1.

For example, in a roadblock situation, if a JPJ officer stops your car and finds out that the color of your car is not the same as the information stated in their system, the officer will issue an inspection instruction letter that will require you to head down to the nearest JPJ office and make a declaration of color change and further review. If you fail to do, a summon will be issued for default of the Inspection Direction Notice and not for the change of paint color.

Is Private Car Body Wrap Considered Illegal?

In addition to changing the car paint color, many drivers choose to do a body wrap or embellish their car using special stickers. This method is not only simpler and easier, but it is also more effective as it protects the original paint color of the car. However, just like changing the color of car paint, the use of body wrap can also be an offense under the same category as car paint it if is not declared beforehand.

Will Your Car Insurance Claim be Affected?

When it comes to insurance claims, there are no implications that can be associated with the color change of the vehicle. Nevertheless, differences between the registration record and the current condition of the car may be a source of dispute or complication during an insurance claim. For example: if your vehicle is involved in an accident and the insurer finds that the color of the car stated in the registration record is not the same as the current paint color, there are chances that the insurer will not cover the loss as stated in the claim.

For now, your car paint color change application and declaration can only be done at any JPJ offices. To make this process easier, you can download and pre-fill the Notice of Change of Vehicle Details and Registered Owner (JPJ K8) form on JPJ’s official website to avoid wasting time at JPJ’s counters. For more information on this, you can always visit JPJ’s website to get additional information. 

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