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5 Signs Your Car is About to Break Down

Sometimes, you don’t have to be a trained mechanic to know something is wrong with your car. When strange things start to happen to your car, it’s a clear sign that your car might require repairs somewhere under the hood.

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It can be overwhelming when you have to deal with car malfunctions and troubles, especially when it happens out of the blue, leaving you stranded in the middle of the road. In order to avoid facing a sudden breakdown in the future, you should address these major signs that show your car is about to fail.

Warning Lights are Displayed on Your Dashboard

Warning lights on your dashboard are surefire indicators that there is a problem with your car. So don’t ignore it and be sure to keep an eye out when you start your engine if any lights are on when they usually aren’t.

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Send your car to a workshop and get a mechanic to see what is wrong with your car immediately. The good news is, these warning lights can help your mechanic pinpoint where any problems might be hiding and it could be a simple fix that could save you the trouble of going through a major repair.

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Your Car Starts to Produce Odd Noises

Never ignore any weird or unnatural sounds produced by your car. Any sounds coming from your car that are too loud or too high pitched should be paid attention to and you should immediately inform your mechanic so they can diagnose the problem.

Some unusual sounds that spell trouble for your car include:

  • Squealing, grinding, or scraping sounds coming from the brakes.
  • Low oil pressure that is indicated by a ticking noise from the engine.
  • If your coolant level is too low, your car’s engine will produce a hissing noise when it overheats.
  • If there is an issue with your shock absorbers, it will produce a thunking and clunking sound.
  • If your car battery terminals are corroded, you will hear a clicking sound when you try to start your engine.

Your Engine Keeps Overheating

Excessive heat and car engines do not go well together. Your car drives best when the internal temperature of the engine and transmission is kept at an optimal level. When the cooling system works fine, all your engine parts can function properly.

But when the engine and the transmission overheats, it’ll cause major problems to the internal parts. This can cause the parts to warp, crack, or seize. If you drive your car with damaged parts, you will risk ruining the engine altogether, which in turn will lead to a major repair or even a dangerous situation in the future.

When your engine is overheating, it’ll display the following signs:

  • The engine temperature gauge on your dashboard is pointing near the red zone or the engine temperature warning light is turned on.
  • When you see steam or smoke coming out of your engine, that means your engine is running too hot and it is causing the coolant to evaporate.
  • A burnt smell coming from the engine.

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Excessive Vibrations & Rattling

Your engine is supposed to vibrate and rattle while it is running but it shouldn’t be to the point where it makes your driving experience uncomfortable. When your car shakes too much, it could point to issues with your wheels, alignment, suspension, brakes, or the engine itself.

Whatever the cause of shaking may be, it is vital to have it checked by your mechanic so the parts that are affected can be replaced and fixed before it leads to even more damage to your car.

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There are Fluids Leaking Out

Notice any fluid spots underneath your car after parking for a while? This is a clear sign that you need to send your car to a workshop to be inspected because there might be fluids leaking out of your engine.

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If there is an oil leak, leaving it untreated will lead to low oil levels in your engine which in turn will expedite the wear and tear of your engine. It could also be a coolant leak, which will be very harmful to your engine as it will lead to overheating.

Immediately send your car to a workshop once you notice any leaks so that your mechanic can work on fixing the leak before it causes bigger issues in the future.

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