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Buying a Car in 1 Week Is Easy with CARSOME: Here’s How

If you’ve bought a new car in Malaysia before, you must be familiar with the long waiting period before you finally get the car. Even if you pay in cash, you often have to wait a month or more, especially if the color or model that you want isn’t available. But what if we told you that you can get your car in just one week when you buy from CARSOME? Want to know how it works?  Let’s take a closer look.

How CARSOME Gets You Your Car in Just 1 Week

The process of buying a car in Malaysia can take a long time, especially if you have issues with your loan application or if you have to wait for the car you want. But with CARSOME, that’s not the case. Buying a car from us is fast and easy, and here’s what it looks like.

Find the Car You Want Online – All Available in Stock

One big advantage of buying a used car from CARSOME is that all the cars listed on our website or app are available and in stock. That means you can browse our platform to find the car you want and know that the car will be there if you want to view, test drive, or buy it. Once you’ve found the car you want, just book a free test drive and we’ll prepare it for you to view.

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Test Drive at Your Preferred Location

If the car you’re interested in is located at a CARSOME Experience Center (EC) far away from you, don’t sweat. We’ll bring the car to a nearby EC so you can inspect it up close and take it for a test drive without traveling out of town. And the best thing is, you can book the appointment at your convenience. 

We’ll Promptly Handle Your Paperwork

Once you’re happy with the car, you can proceed to book it on the spot. Your CARSOME Consultant can advise you on the required documents and handle all the paperwork including the loan application, change of ownership, and road tax. If you bring your documents to the test drive, we can help you to process your purchase immediately.

Get Your Car Delivered in Just 1 Week

Once we’ve sent in your loan application documents, all you need to do is wait. If it goes smoothly with the bank, your loan can be approved and your car will be ready for collection in less than a week. You can collect the car at our EC or have the car delivered straight to your doorstep, it’s your choice. That’s how easy and quick it is to buy a used car from CARSOME.

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What Other Happy CARSOME Customers Have to Say

CARSOME has served thousands of customers looking for quality and affordable used cars. We pride ourselves on giving you full support throughout your buying process from helping you with your test drive to handling all your paperwork. Here are some examples of positive reviews from our happy customers who bought our cars.

Choose CARSOME for a Speedy, Hassle-Free Car Buying Process

Check out CARSOME for a huge selection of quality used cars and excellent customer support. We put all our cars through a 175-point inspection to rule out mileage tampering, major accident, fire, and flood damage. Plus, all CARSOME Certified cars are professionally refurbished to ensure their comfort, safety, and aesthetics. 

Besides a speedy buying process, our cars come with a fixed-price and no hidden fees, a one-year warranty, and a five-day money-back guarantee for even more peace of mind. 

So what are you waiting for? Visit CARSOME today or download our app.


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