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The 2018 Myvi is the best car Perodua’s ever made. Here’s why.

Earlier today, Perodua announced that the next generation 2018 Perodua Myvi will be open for bookings beginning tomorrow, bringing in the third generation of Malaysia’s most popular hatchback to our roads. Malaysians can catch a sneak peek of the car at the Perodua booth from the 9th to 12th November 2017 at MAEPS, where the 2017 Malaysia Autoshow will be taking place this year.

Here’s what you need to know about the new 2018 Perodua Myvi before the official launch.


It Will Come In 5 Variants

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The new Myvi will come in 5 variants. The base Standard G model will come with a 1.3-litre four cylinder Dual VVT-i engine that produces 94 hp with 121 Nm at 4,000 rpm. Mated either to a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission. A higher Premium X variant of the 1.3-litre will add on extras including Perodua’s Eco Idle (Start Stop system) seen in the Bezza Advance.


The 1.5-litre Myvi’s will come in High and Advance variants, producing 106 hp with 140 Nm of torque at 4,200 rpm. Both variants will come with Six Airbags as standard, a convenient Built-in toll reader for Touch N’ Go cards, and on the highest Advance variant, adds on Perodua’s first Advanced Safety Assist system. Oh and it’s Push Start/Stop as standard on all variants.


It’s The Safest Perodua Car Ever Made

As standard, even the new 1.3-litre base model will come with four airbags, with six airbags on the 1.5-litre models. Perodua is aiming for a 5-star Asean NCAP rating, which if awarded, will make the new 2018 Myvi the brand’s safest vehicle ever made based on Asean NCAP’s new 2017 to 2020 protocol. The new protocol states that star ratings for new vehicles have to be awarded as a model whole, compared to separate ratings depending on specific variants previously.


The highest 1.5 Advance variant will feature Perodua’s Advance Safety Assist, a suite of four advanced active safety systems of Pre-Collision Warning (Alert), Pre-Collision Braking (Automonous Emergency Braking), Front Departure Alert, and Pedal Misoperation Control (Accidental Accelerations). These systems are part of a forward-facing camera located behind the rear-view mirror.

Add on ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Vehicle Stability Control and Emergency Stop Signal as standard, and you know that Perodua hasn’t skimped on corners for your safety.


It Will Feature A Number Of Firsts For Perodua

While the 1.3-litre variant that will come in the new Myvi is the same used in the Bezza, the 1.5-litre EEV engine with Dual VVT-i is new. In terms of safety, a standard of 4 Airbags and 6 Airbags including Side and Curtain units are a first as well. Throw in Rear Seat Belt Reminders, LED Headlamps with Follow Home and Headlamp Leveling and Emergency Stop Signal standard across all variants, you’re looking at a winner.


It Features A Number Of Firsts In A Malaysian Car

We can be proud to say that a Malaysian made car now features Advance Safety Assist systems. The all-new Myvi Advance will have Pre-Collision Warning, Pre-Collision Braking, Front Departure Alert (for those who seem to be unattentive at the lights) and Pedal Misoperation Control, the latter which uses the camera system to detect the distance of an obstacle ahead and cuts off throttle should there be one.

Pair these with Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control, ABS, Hill Start Assist and the target of a full 5-Star Asean NCAP rating, the new Myvi should be able to carry that Best Selling Malaysian Car crown for the next few years.


It’s Built By Malaysians, Priced For Malaysians

Priced from RM 44,300 to RM 55,300, the range completely trumped our expectations on price vs features offered. The new Myvi is also the first Perodua to have an upper body designed completely in-house. Are we impressed? Without a doubt we are. Let’s just say that we’re truly impressed with the new Myvi and are assured you will be too.

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2018 Perodua Myvi teaser

 Did you catch any details from the video? Share with us your thoughts in the comments!

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