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Weekly Diesel Price In Malaysia

The first phase of the gradual removal of fuel subsidies begins with diesel prices starting today. Now that the diesel prices will be free-floating, stay tuned to this space as we update the prices weekly every Wednesday. 

Curious about how fuel prices are calculated in Malaysia? The formula used to calculate the price of fuel is called the Automatic Pricing Mechanism (APM) formula- so prices are updated weekly based on this formula. Bookmark this page for weekly up-to-date prices and information!

Diesel Price for This Week: 20 – 26 June 2024

The weekly fuel prices in Malaysia for RON 95, RON 97, and diesel are updated every Wednesday evening and take effect on Thursday starting midnight till the following week 

Diesel: RM3.35

Diesel Prices FAQs

Weekly diesel prices

We’ve also compiled some of the frequently asked questions about diesel prices and their differences.

  1. Should I wait for the changes in diesel prices before filling my car up? 

While this might help you save a few bucks every other week when the price goes down, the oil price in Malaysia is determined by the global market which makes it difficult to gauge the cost in the long run. 

  1. Which type of diesel should I use for my car?

Starting in October 2021, the Malaysian government has mandated all diesel fuel sold in Malaysia must be Euro 5 compliant to encourage greener fuel consumption. Currently, Euro 5 is the only type of diesel sold in the country.

  1. Can I use diesel fuel in a petrol car?

No, you cannot use diesel fuel in a petrol car or around. Diesel has a high ignition point and is more viscous than petrol. This can lead to severe engine damage.

  1. What is the difference between Petrol & Diesel?

These both are made from the same base, mineral oil. The only difference is the way they are refined. Diesel petrol is said to be easier to refine and it also produces more energy during combustion. 

  1. What is the difference between Petrol & Diesel engines? 

Other than the obvious difference in petrol price, the one that sets these two apart is the way combustion happens. A petrol engine mixes fuel with air and gets compressed by pistons and the spark plugs ignite this compressed mixture to move the pistons. 

Diesel engines on the other hand compress the air before adding fuel. High compression creates high temperature and heat that is used to combust the diesel fuel when it is added, so no spark plugs are needed to ignite the combustion. 

  1. Are cars powered by Diesel engines more efficient? 

As each liter of diesel produces more energy than petrol, it is said to be more efficient. And being more efficient means requiring less amount of diesel fuel to produce the same amount of power as petrol. 

  1. Which is better – RON95, RON97, or Diesel? 

Between these three types of fuel, none is superior to the other. The right fuel for your car all depends on the type of car that you drive. 

Diesel Price History

Weekly Diesel Price Update Diesel
10 – 20 June 2024 RM3.35 (+RM1.20)
20 – 26 June 2024 RM3.35


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