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Time: A Wasted Commodity When Selling Your Car


Selling your car might just sound like you’re just disposing off an old faithful pair of shoes into the dumpster but in the reality of things, it is far from it. The process of selling a car isn’t as easy as posting it on several classified websites and hoping someone would come along and relieve you of the vehicles ownership and enlighten you with a stack of cash.

No, in fact, the moment a price is agreed on and a deal is struck, this is when the nightmare actually begins. Now you’d have a series of hurdles to endure, mainly with car inspection bureau Puspakom, Bank Loans and the Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ). All the hassles of which by the way, can be overcome as quick as 24-hours by selling your car to Carsome in a Fast, Fair and Free manner.




This is usually a duty taken upon by the owner. Unless you have an agency to do it for you, it’s a time-consuming process. Apart from picking the next available time slot for inspection, which can sometimes take days, you’d also have to queue up at the centre for your car to be inspected.

Good fortunes will have you in an out of the place in less than an hour, but should your vehicle not pass the required tests due to technical issues, you’d have to get the problem fixed and reschedule for another visit within 30 days.


Bank Loans

Unless someone with a deep pocket comes along to acquire your vehicle by way of cash, your suitors would most likely have to opt for a loan. Usually this takes anywhere from 2-3 days to a week for an approval but prospects of acquiring one is more difficult, especially if your potential buyer is on a PTPTN loan. And even worse if he or she has been defaulting on it.

With banks putting on the brakes on loans, especially for the younger generation, the queue of suitors for your car may not necessarily translate to an actual buyer. As such, more time will be wasted waiting on others to come by, and for a repeat of the entire application process again.



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Pretty much the last big hurdle to overcome when selling your car. But you’re still not going to be let off the hook so easily. You’d still need to take a day off, spend time getting to the said department, queue and wait eagerly for your turn to proceed with the ownership transfer. As you’ve noticed, it all takes time. As old things are sometimes, you just want to get rid of it as swiftly as ripping out a bandage.

With Carsome’s selling platform, the need to partake in all the unnecessarily painful process of getting rid of your car can be eliminated. In fact, the entire process would only take 24 hours, without hassle, at no charge! To sell your vehicle, log on to our website and fill in your vehicle’s particulars to experience the 21st century’s Fast, Fair and Free way to sell your car!


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