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Test Drive Gone Wild: How Do You Deal with a Car Crash?

It’s pretty common to hear about car crashes in the news, but car crashes that happen during test drives are quite unusual. Although such incidents are rare, the possibility of it occurring to you is never zero. Who knows, car crash could happen to you during your next test drive session.

Take this for example, a couple years back, there was an incident that went viral in social media where a Malaysian man – allegedly a Mercedes salesperson, crashed a brand new Mercedes during a test drive! Luckily, the man involved in the Mercedes test drive accident escaped unharmed, but we can’t say the same about the car in question.

So, IF this happens to you, who would be deemed responsible for the accident? Are you liable for all the damages that occur to a car that doesn’t belong to you? Do you have to buy the damaged car? Is there any insurance to protect you and the car from damage? Read on to find out more.

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Car Crashed During a Test Drive: Whose Fault is It Anyway?

The answer to this question depends on the extent of the damage and the nature of the crash. It also takes into account the party who caused the car crash and those involved in it. These factors will determine whether your wallet will suffer greatly or you will be saved from financial burdens.

In the case of a car crash involving a test drive vehicle, who would bear the cost of repairing the damaged car? To determine who should be held responsible, we need to consider the level of damage suffered by the test drive vehicle and the party responsible for the accident.

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Minor Car Crashes


In the case of minor car crashes resulting in superficial damages like a few scratches on the car, you will typically not be required to bear the repair costs. Car dealerships often have group insurance policies that cover such minor damages incurred during test drives. This insurance coverage is designed to protect against non-serious accidents and the resulting minor damages.

Serious Car Crashes

However, if the car crash leads to significant damages that render the test drive vehicle a total loss, additional considerations come into play. One crucial factor is determining the party responsible for causing the crash.


Regardless of fault, the first step you should take after a car crash is to file a police report. If the car is no longer drivable, contact your insurance company or the highway concession company for assistance in towing the damaged vehicle.

If you are found at fault for the significant damages due to reckless driving, you will be responsible for the repair costs. In such a scenario, you have two options to cover the expenses:

  1. You can personally bear the repair costs. If you belong to the T20 income group, this may not be a significant issue. However, what if you don’t have sufficient funds? In that case, an alternative solution may be necessary.
  2. You can utilize your existing car insurance to cover the damages to the test drive vehicle caused by the car crash. However, if the repair costs exceed the coverage limit of your insurance policy, you may need to supplement the remaining amount out of your own pocket.

For first-time car buyers without existing car insurance, seeking financial assistance or loans to cover the incurred damages might be necessary.

Not at Fault? Here are Your Rights

In cases where you are not at fault and the car crash is caused by another vehicle or external factors, you are merely an innocent victim. The responsible party, whether it be another vehicle or a faulty test drive vehicle, will be liable for the repair costs.

If the police investigation concludes that you are not at fault, you need not worry. The third party that caused the car crash will be legally obligated to bear the expenses associated with repairs for the test drive vehicle. Additionally, if you sustain any injuries during the car crash, the responsible party will also be liable for your medical expenses.


The best part is that you won’t have to deal with the hassle of managing the insurance claims yourself. The car dealership will handle the insurance claims process on your behalf, considering you are an innocent victim in this situation.

Safety First, Always!

Whether you’re test driving a CARSOME Certified car or just driving your own car, always remember to drive responsibly and exercise proper caution. Please treat the test drive car as if it were your own and be sure to prioritize safety throughout your journey.


While test drives can be an exciting experience, it’s essential to maintain control and avoid becoming overly carried away. Remember the importance of responsible driving to prevent the risk of crashing during test drives.

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