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Shell Stations in Malaysia are Going Green

Shell Malaysia has reached another milestone by being the first fuel industry brand in Asia Pacific to be awarded the Green Building Index (GBI) Certification for two of its stations – Shell Damansara Jaya and Shell Taman Connaught.


Shell Malaysia Trading’s Managing Director Shairan Husain said that they decided to retrofit smart solutions and design elements into their stations when it came to the introduction of the Retail Fuel category within the Green Building Index rating.


Now recognized as “green buildings”, the implemented elements for the Green Building Index include among others:

  • A solar Photo Voltaic (PV) system installed on the canopy of the station to generate electricity during daytime. Clean electricity derived through solar supplements the station’s energy requirements, and subsequently reduces expenditure on energy from the grid. On top of that, it is also environmentally-friendly. A savings of 711 kWh from one station can power up 3 average households.


Painting the surfaces of roofs and walls white to reflect solar radiation and improve the indoor environmental quality by reducing overall temperatures during daytime.

  • Using the Energy Monitoring System (EMS), which empowers these stations to track and monitor consumption of electricity and water. Quality data, coupled with in-built analytics provides greater visibility on usage, thereby allowing Shell to respond quicker and more effectively to consumption inconsistencies to avoid unnecessary wastage of resources.


  • Waterless urinals and water saving taps to replace the conventional bathroom fittings to drive water efficiency. Water usage was reduced by up to 60 per cent, when compared to conventional fittings, translating to water savings of up to 310 m3/year for each station. To put this into perspective, 8 similar sized stations would produce savings of 2.5-million litres which equates to the size of an Olympic swimming pool.


  • The installation of LED lighting with lower energy consumption and longer lifespans. These LED installations save up to 285 kWh per year which is more than enough to power up one bungalow.


As for customers who visit the stations, the benefits are felt immediately from the comfort of a cooler and well-lit station. These upgrades by Shell are part of the brand’s vision 2025 in lowering carbon emissions at its retail stations by half in terms of energy consumption and impact on the environment.

What's in store for the future? Shell is looking to improve energy efficiency in both hardware and operational efficiency by looking and replacing to more energy efficient alternatives, utilising smart energy saving and management systems, scale up GBI across the network and to rollout solar panels to offset consumption from the grid.

What do you think about Shell’s latest efforts?


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