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Carsome Playlists-Perfect for Roadtrips and CMCO

With Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Sabah and Nilai under CMCO (Conditional Movement Control Order) and Covid cases around the country rising, most of us are choosing to stay in more and only going out for essentials. As we’ve all been in lockdown since March, some of us might miss long road trips for food, scenery and adventure. While nothing can replace the long drives and adventures, we hope this little kit will help keep the adventurer in you excited for the future!

When you are preparing for a road trip, a whole lot of decisions need to be made. You have to decide if you want to go solo, with your friends or family. Then comes the location, where you would be staying, how long the road trip will take, where you are going to stop along the way and what needs to be prepped in your car for the journey. Now comes the most important decision – what music you will be jamming out to! As we all know, that is serious business. This playlist determines the overall mood of your road trip which in turn makes it a whole lot more memorable.

As good things must be shared, we have compiled 3 different playlists that caters for everyone with the best road trip songs to sing your heart out to along your adventure.

Jammin to the 90s

The 90s is one era most of us would love to relive. Though we would not want to go through the dial-up Jaring Internet or using the phone booth, this era had some great music that was energizing and exciting which is exactly what your road trip must be. Some of the highlights from this playlist are songs from Spice Girls, Ricky Martin, Vanilla Ice, Will Smith and of course, the Backstreet Boys. 

Oldies but Goodies

Old cassette tapes and CD discs might not be in trend any longer, but you can still jam to some of the best classic tunes from this playlist. Who needs the “I Spy With My Little Eye” game when you can jam and pay tribute to the greatest old hits from Bruce Springsteen, Jolly Parton, Billy Joel, The Beatles and more? 

Current Favourites

The current favourites playlist features great songs from The Weeknd, Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and more. These songs are literally the best songs to jam to on any road trips they remind you of everything, the first time your crush said hi, your first outing with your close friends, your first breakup, your trip to the beach and many more which you would surely want to sing out loud during your road trip. 

Road Tripping at Home

While the CMCO is here to stay for a while, there is absolutely no need for you to put the playlist on pause because here are other ways you can enjoy them at home.


Missing the famous Char Kuey Teow in Penang, Banana Leaf Rice in Klang or Nasi Kerabu in Kelantan? You can pick one or two menus you might have on your previous road trip and make it at home all while jamming out to the songs in the background. You can always DIY it or get the exact recipe online. You never know, you might just become the next MasterChef! But, if cooking is not your forte, you can always order food from the various online food delivery services that deliver straight to your doorstep.


During this lockdown, you might not get the chance to meet your loved ones often. So gather those that you would be taking along on your road trip virtually via Zoom, Skype or any other preferred online video calling services. You can eat together virtually, play some games, share your deepest, darkest secrets, or even have a virtual karaoke session with the road trip playlist.

We hope these playlists will keep you going till your next real road trip. Play it anytime you want, anywhere you want all while adhering to the given SOPs. Let’s fight this virus together so that the curve can be flattened, and things can go back to how it was before.

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