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Personality Q&A: Pang Yoon Kong

The advancement of cars nowadays have reached a semi-autonomous state that many have forgotten about the creations and innovations of the simplest things in the everyday vehicle. From the humble spark plug, to the comfort of switching on the vehicle’s lights and being able to start the vehicle inside the cabin is one of the many things that Bosch has made possible since a century ago. Fast forward to automobiles of today, and you have more advanced systems like ESP, Traction Control, Airbags, Start-Stop system provide economical and safe solutions to every drive.

What separates Bosch from the rest? We speak to Pang Yoon Kong, Country Manager for Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Malaysia on how he grew up with cars, and what’s next for the multinational company.


What makes Bosch special?

YK: Bosch is a very unique company. A foundation company where 97 per cent is held by the Robert Bosch Foundation. We determine our own future strategic moves. It is also unique in a sense that the company is focused in one thing – that our innovations must enhance the quality of life. That is where our focus is. The next three key areas that we are targeting are connected mobility, autonomous driving and electro mobility. We are very future driven. We believe we have the software and hardware at both ends, and the engineering to connect it all together.


What should Malaysians learn when it comes to driving on the road?

YK: Malaysians should typically pay attention to the parts of their cars when it is replaced. Knowing how to replace them isn’t important, but they should be conscious to know which parts go into their vehicles. We advocate quality parts, and Malaysians should make cautious decisions in knowing what goes in. We believe in doing so, car drivers can be safe on the road. This can reduce road accidents and fatalities when it comes to festive seasons. It is sad to know that every year more Malaysians are losing their lives on the road. It saddens us that it could be faulted by not having a quality part.


What is the most innovative Bosch part in a car?

YK: That has to be the Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) or Vehicle Stability Control (VSC). To be honest, I had a close encounter at a corner on the highway once. I wasn’t driving fast, but because the road was wet, the ESP actually saved me from knocking into the car ahead, it also saved me from hitting the divider. I had my wife and two children with me at the time. I appreciate that technology very much. I felt very comfortable after that.


Is being in Bosch part of a growing up passion for automotive?

YK: The first car I had was a Proton Wira, I loved it, it was very durable. I moved on to quite a few cars after that. I had a Mazda Lantis, Hyundai Sonata, Volkswagen Golf and even a Naza Ria. Those are the cars that were in my life. If you would to ask me about my favourite car however, it would be Porsche Boxster or Spyder.


Any lessons for Malaysians when it comes to using quality parts for your car?

YK: Start with Bosch. We produce quality and really reliable parts. With the Advantage Wipers, they would fit 90 per cent of Asian cars easily. Don’t save on dollars and cents when it comes to safety. That is our key message.


You mentioned about Autonomous Driving, where do you see the automotive industry as a whole heading to in the next 10 years?

YK: We foresee that by 2030, autonomous driving will be a key mobility and we are focused into it. We at Bosch in general have the capability to do so and are pushing towards that. Car manufacturers themselves are looking and are keen into it as well. So that is the future.


What do you think about the advancements of Bosch’s products and how they have enriched our lives? Share with us your comments!


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