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5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Mothers That Are Always on The Road

Show Mom You Care This Mother’s Day with Gifts That Make Her Drive Smoother

How many here had memories of your mother cooking dinner or doing chores after getting home from work? Or 

Our parents give up so much just to put a roof over our heads, and provide meals and proper education. Some mothers juggle between having a full-time job and being a housewife! 

Seeing how much especially our moms had to sacrifice to juggle a day job and as a housewife just to raise us.

This Mother’s Day, swap out the flowers and chocolates! Here are some long-lasting and tangible products to surprise Mom while showing your appreciation for her! 

Car Sunshade: (RM20 – RM100)

Gift ideas for Mother's Day.

Image source: Shopee

With global warming going haywire everywhere, cars parked outdoors can turn into portable ovens, especially those without tinting. 

A high-quality car sunshade will help keep the interior cool and protect the dashboard from sun damage. 

In addition, a sunshade large enough can protect your car from prying eyes. Thus, this gives your ride another layer of protection and privacy from would-be thieves. 

A good set of sunshades should cost you around RM50 – RM100 according to local e-commerce sites. It is also a great accessory for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on car tinting. 

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Phone Holder: (RM10 – RM30)

Gift ideas for Mother's Day.

Image source: Shopee

For moms who travel long distances and outstations, a simple phone holder is sufficient to keep her phone in eye view without taking away her attention on the road. 

According to the Road Transport Authority (JPJ) in Malaysia, it is illegal to operate your phone while driving, even for directions. On top of that, we have AI traffic cameras to detect any driver on their phones. 

A phone holder ensures Mom can safely use her GPS or make calls hands-free while driving (and save her from getting a ticket).

This Mother’s Day, pick one that securely mounts to the dashboard or air vent and allows easy access to the phone screen. 

Dashcam: (RM100 – RM500)

Gift ideas for Mother's Day.

Image Source: 70mai Offical Shopee Store

Some higher-spec vehicles have a dashcam built in by default, but their quality isn’t something to shout about. 

For this Mother’s Day, you’d want to look into aftermarket brands like 70mai, Azdome, etc. These models come with much more features and a greater video quality.

In the unfortunate event of an accident or road scams 

A dashcam provides security on the road. In the unfortunate event of an accident, a dashcam can provide valuable video evidence. Choose a dashcam with high-definition recording and a wide field of view.

Lumbar Support Pillow: (RM50 – RM200)

Gift ideas for Mother's Day.

Image source: Shopee

Sitting too long in traffic can take a toll on your back. For aging mothers, this hurts the spinal column and could lead to back pain in the long run. 

A good lumbar support pillow positioned at the base of the spine provides an additional layer of comfort. Getting one for Mother’s Day will help improve your mom’s posture and reduce back pain while driving, 

Here’s a little tip from us – choose one made from breathable materials and adjustable straps. This ensures your pillow is washable and can fit into any car seat. 

Car Mat: (RM80 – RM300) 

Gift ideas for Mother's Day

Ever find your car having that musky smell after raining? When you get into your car while raining, water and dirt can cling to your car’s floor. 

When moisture dries inside your car, colonies of bacteria and fungus will grow on your car’s floor which is the cause of the bad smell. 

Get your mom a custom-fit car mat for Mother’s Day to keep her car clean!! These car mats can collect dust and are easily washable should her shoes get wet. You can throw in a bottle of air freshener too! 

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Bonus: A New Car! 

Gift ideas for Mother's Day.

Picture this – after a wonderful Mother’s Day Dinner, you have another surprise for her. You sold off her aging, problematic car and got her a new SUV!

Give your mom the surprise of her lifetime with an SUV or MPV from CARSOME! Browse our wide selection of SUVs and MPVs with discounts of up to RM1,000! 

Furthermore, all prices on our website include all ancillary fees and no funny business upon checkout! Start browsing our selection of SUVs and MPVs here.

On behalf of CARSOME, we wish all hardworking mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day!


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