Love is the Greatest Prosperity: 5 Love Stories of Sacrifices

Chinese New Year revolves around happiness and prosperity, where being prosperous is often symbolized by luck, wealth, and success. Every year, this festivity is celebrated by bringing newness to every aspect, driving us to buy new clothes, furniture, decor, and more.

But newness does not always have to be something completely brand-new – instead, newness represents the gesture, the concept of where something that is new to us, comes into our lives – just like buying a used car.  

So, this Chinese New Year, we at Carsome are celebrating our loved ones who have made sacrifices, believed in our dreams, and put us ahead of them so we could have our dreams come true; their love is the greatest prosperity we will have. 

While it is impossible to put a price on the care and sacrifices they have made, we believe in giving rewards from our hearts, to enrich their lives, just like they did ours. So, here’s to the ones that gave us tremendous love. 

A Mother’s Love Knows No Bounds


Our mothers weren’t always moms – they were once travelers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers who were eager to reach for the stars. But when we came along, they gladly exchanged their passionate life for a journey through motherhood, to bring us up.

It wasn’t an ordinary journey either. During the early years, there was no time off for them. They went through countless sleepless nights, just to keep us safe and secure. We were always their number one priority, on top of any other. Then when our tiny self grew up and started chasing dreams, they inspired us to always do better.  

The largest and most impactful sacrifices in our lives are made by our mothers. She deserves her dreams. Show her your appreciation by giving her newness with the gift of a car for her to go on the passionate adventure she has always wanted.

Father Knows Best


Dads are not just dads, they are our everything as we grow up – they are our drivers, our handymen, our teacher, and many more. Their extensive role is a huge responsibility that others might see as a burden.

Being the pillar of the family, our father’s role is to nurture us to be our better selves and to prepare us for the real world. In doing so, there are countless moments where they have to give up on their dreams to ensure that our needs are fulfilled – like that time your father had to forgo buying a new car because you needed a laptop for school or to simply put food on the table.

Despite all the weight they had to carry and the sacrifices they had to make, they always came through for us. This time, let’s put the spotlight on our fathers for everything they’ve done for us and fulfill their lifelong dreams by giving them their dream car.

Your Significant Other Is Forever


Married life is not easy. A strong marriage relies on two people giving their all to make things work. With so many roles that need to be fulfilled, there are moments where our spouse will have to sacrifice something to make us happy.

Remember that day when you were supposed to be on a trip with your family but a sudden and unavoidable meeting came up? It was our spouse who gallantly helped calm down the kids and patiently took care of them throughout their tantrums while we finished up with work.

Perhaps it’s time to surprise them with something crazy for all their hard work and their dream car sounds like a brilliant idea.

Sister, Sister


Blood runs thicker than water” – no other statement ever could explain the relationship we have with our sister. Sisters are our partner and our dearest ally who never fails to be there to support us when we are at our lowest.

They understand us more than anyone and they know what needs to be done to make things right when the whole world is not on our side. No matter what happens, our sisters would continue to drive us to greater heights.

Now is our chance to return the favor, to thank them for everything that they have done for us. It’s always better to level up together, especially when you gift her a like-new car.

A Brother’s Sacrifice 


Annoyingly important, that’s what brothers are. Our mistakes will never slip past their judgmental eyes, but when assistance is required, they never hesitate to watch our backs.

Throughout our lives, our brothers are the closest role model we have, aside from our parents – they can be our greatest friend. They will always encourage us to chase our dreams as our parents do, and they’re even willing to give up theirs just to support us towards success.

For everything they have done, it is time for us to show gratitude to our dearest brothers with the car they have always wanted.

Reward Your Loved Ones This Chinese New Year

This Chinese New Year, Carsome is giving Ong-tastic deals for you to buy a car for you or the loved ones who have given you the greatest prosperity of all – love. 

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With that, we hope you are able to find your loved one’s dream ride with us this festive season. 

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