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International Men’s Day: 5 Gift Ideas for Your Car-Loving Significant Other

Did you know that every 10th of November is International Men’s Day? Unlike International Women’s Day, this celebration has been often overlooked by mainstream media. Even the United Nations (UN) does not officially recognize this day. 

While there is a strong presence of acknowledging the sacrifices our women have made in mainstream media, we should not forget the men who work hard behind the scenes. 

Regardless of gender, we all have our own role to play in this world and it’s high time we should acknowledge everyone’s contributions. Take a moment to thank a fellow male family member, and indulge in their hobbies and interests with them this International Men’s Day! 

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Gift Ideas for This International Men’s Day

Giving a Whole Car (If you can afford it)

Starting with the most expensive option, any petrolhead would be excited if someone got them a car as a gift. Go big. Get them a McLaren, Lamborghini, or a Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) sports car – okay we jest. But that hasn’t stopped some folk in Malaysia from doing so.

Gift ideas for International Men's Day

On a serious note, why not if you can afford it? 

Some Small Gestures Go a Long Way

Gift ideas for International Men's DayYou’d be surprised how far small gestures can go. Try to take the initiative by sending your family member or significant other’s car for a wash, filling up their petrol tank, or buying them a new set of tires goes a long way. It’s the little things that count for this International Men’s Day. 

Gifting a Set of Sport Rims

Gift ideas for International Men's DayFresh tires aside, you can also order a set of new sports rims online. Prices may vary from RM3,000 to RM10,000 brand-new but you don’t have to splurge that much. A nice set of alloy rims can help improve a car’s handling due to reduced weight and make the car look much nicer. 

It all boils down to doing your own research to find the correct brand and material. Some decent brands and even second-hand sets can be bought for RM5,000 or around that ballpark. 

Make sure you get your significant other’s rim and tire dimensions right before buying it though. You don’t want to buy a mismatched set! 

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Diecast Cars or Lego Sets

Gift Ideas for International Men's DayLet your significant other embrace back their inner child with a Lego set or a die-cast car. Bonus points if you can get the exact model driven by your significant other. 

Gift Ideas for International Men's DayThese die-cast and Lego cars have an average price range from RM10 to RM200 on the market-suggested retail price (MRSP). 

In a world where men are expected to give and provide unrequitedly, a simple gesture like this can mean a lot to them. 

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Outdoor Motorsports Activities 

Gift Ideas for International Men's DaySpend the day with your husband or significant other to indulge in their favorite activities. Take them up and downhill to Genting with a rental sports car, and visit a go-kart track or an extreme park to ride dune buggies.

Who doesn’t get excited when someone else is interested in their hobbies, even more so with your significant other? These are one of the few options We have a list of go-kart tracks around Malaysia to recommend here to take your man for this International Men’s Day.  

At the end of the day, let’s not compare each one another’s sufferings but instead celebrate the achievements we all have collectively made. It isn’t fair to ask for one to reciprocate without providing anything in return. 

With that, here’s to all the men working in all sectors, blue or white collars alike, we thank you for your unrelenting and unrequited sacrifice that is often expected but never acknowledged.


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