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Driving at Night – Visibility, Safety & 3M

Could you imagine night driving without road lines, markers and signs? Even more so, nobody really takes into account the technology involved in these items. People tend to forget that without these guides, driving at night can be very daunting, and yet accidents are on the steady rise.


So here are some alarming facts. According to the general statistics from the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS), 2016 recorded the highest ever road crashes in Malaysia at 521,466. Of that number, there were 7,152 deaths – marking the first time the figure has gone past 7,000 in the research’s past 20 years.


The statistics are alarming and is most certainly a cause for concern. Although common reasons for accidents include reckless, inattentive, drunk driving and ignoring traffic rules, many forget that low visibility at night is just as dangerous to drivers. Because 90 per cent of driver decisions are made based on visual information, the combination of vehicle headlights and road lights can cause several visual problems.


This is where road lines; road signs; and truck conspicuity (reflective) markings come in. Did you know that in all these markers, there are three main technologies for making road signs brighter at night – encapsulated glass beads, truncated micro prismatic cube-corner optics, and fully reflective micro prismatic cube-corners? While the most common (truncated micro prismatic cube-corner optics) sign sheetings are only able to reflect about 32 per cent of light back to its source, the one offered by 3M can reflect about 58 per cent of light back towards its source and doubling the brightness of road signs.


Similarly, highly visible retroreflective pavement paint include highly refractive microcrystalline ceramic optical elements that enables these markings to be more resistant to harsh roadway conditions and provide clear visibility in both dry and wet conditions.


The brand also plays a part in conspicuity tape on heavy commercial good vehicles that increases their visibility to other road users. This benefits other road users that drive at night, allowing them to see these heavy vehicles stationary in a dark spot, turning or crossing roadways in bad weather or low light conditions.

Because not all products are made the same, the brand’s extensive research and development allows for the production of the best solutions for specific problems. For 3M, road safety is at the heart of what the brand has been doing for the past 75 years, working closely with the government to implement safety features using the latest technologies and to improve visibility on the roads.




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