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How to Maintain & Service Your Car All On the CARSOME App

Technology has one purpose – to fulfill or solve any problems that humanity needs. 

In other words, the main goal of technology is to make our lives easier. Look at your phone; there are various applications with their individual and unique roles, all at your fingertips. 

In the past, these functions were limited and may not always be accessible to the public. But all of that has changed due to how fast technology has progressed. 

Today, you can use one application to access various functions and it may include features you would never thought possible. 

Service car, CARSOME AppThe average Malaysian household may have three or more cars, depending on the size of the family. As the breadwinner of the family, managing these cars may seem difficult. 

Picture this, each car must have a different road tax and insurance expiration date. What about the car service schedule? How does one manage to have everything in an organized manner? If

Manage Your Cars Virtually with My Garage

On the CARSOME app, there’s a feature called “My Garage” curated to help you manage all the cars you have at home. 

It’s like having a digital assistant that reminds you to renew your road tax and insurance when the expiration date is approaching. 

It can also help you manage your car service schedule and even facilitate selling your car with a single tap.Service car, CARSOME App

How Do You Use My Garage in the CARSOME App?

Service car, CARSOME AppUsing the My Garage feature is simple. After you download the CARSOME app, just log in directly using your phone number.

Then, tap the ‘+’ button in the My Garage section at the top of the screen and enter the relevant information about your car, such as:

  • Brand and Model
  • Year of manufacture
  • Model variant
  • Transmission
  • Mileage

Now, you have successfully saved your car’s data in your digital car garage!

Service car, CARSOME AppWhat Other Functions Can Be Used in My Garage?

Reminders to Renew Road Tax & Insurance

Additionally, you can enter the expiration dates for road tax and insurance so that the application can provide you with reminders when they are approaching. 

Furthermore, for extra convenience, you can renew your road tax through the CARSOME app which will be managed by our partner, PolicyStreet.

Service car, CARSOME AppCar Service Booking at CARSOME Service Centers

In addition to road tax and insurance updates, the My Garage function can also assist you in managing your car service schedule effortlessly. 

You can schedule car service appointments directly through this application at CARSOME Service Centers near you. 

Since most of the car details are already stored in the app, the booking process can be completed with just a few taps!

Lastly,  you can also upload pictures of your car and include the car registration number so that you can easily reference them.

Buy & Sell Used Cars At Your Fingertips With the CARSOME App!

As a car owner, the CARSOME app can be used for many things – from functioning as a digital car garage to scheduling a service. Service car, CARSOME App

In addition to My Garage, the CARSOME app also provides other functions such as:

  • Browsing cars and booking test drives
  • Buying and selling cars
  • Booking car service appointments: You can schedule car service appointments at CARSOME Service Centers using this app.
  • Get the latest news in the automotive world and new car launches
  • Exploring financing options from CARSOME partners: You can explore financing options provided by CARSOME partners.

So, if you need something that can provide you with all the information about the automotive world and is designed specifically to facilitate the buying, selling, and maintenance of cars in an easy, fast, and safe manner, the new and updated CARSOME app is your answer!

CARSOME wants to assure you that we will continue to enhance our application by integrating more features and additional services to make it easier for you in the future.

If you are planning to sell your old car or buy a used car, download the CARSOME app or visit our website today! 

All CARSOME Certified cars have undergone a meticulous 175-point inspection and have been professionally refurbished to provide you with safety beyond standards, full comfort, and enhanced aesthetics.


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