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How to Fully Utilize The MyJPJ App On Your Phone

Nombor satu satu kosong tiga, kaunter lima.”

Nombor satu satu kosong empat, kaunter dua.” 

Sounds familiar? Do you want to avoid waiting in line at a Road Transport Department (JPJ) branch to check on your driving license, fines, or road tax? 

How to use the MyJPJ appWith the new MyJPJ mobile application, you can now access various services provided by JPJ using just your smartphone!

From checking the validity of your vehicle and driving licenses to road traffic offense complaints, MyJPJ offers a comprehensive solution for almost all your road transportation needs in Malaysia. 

Let’s walk you through step by step, how to use the MyJPJ app on your smartphone.

What is The MyJPJ App?

MyJPJ is an innovative mobile application developed by the Malaysian Road Transport Department (JPJ) to provide checking services and display important documents for drivers in Malaysia such as – driving licenses, road tax, fines, and more. 

As of 2024, JPJ plans to add the feature to renew your driving license and road tax via the app this February. 

How to Register on the MyJPJ App Via 3 Simple Steps

  1. Download the MyJPJ App

Download the MyJPJ application from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or Huawei AppGallery

Once installed, click on the “’Register New Account” and fill in the required information. You can log in using your MyKad number and the designated password. Here’s a tutorial video provided by JPJ.

  1. Register via MySIKAP (eID Standard)

Use the website https://public.jpj.gov.my/public/login.zul, then select the MySIKAP Public Service and click on ‘Register.’ 

Next, choose ‘Register/First Time Login’ and fill in all the required information. You will receive an email with a temporary password after a successful registration. Log in and change the password accordingly.

Once done, you can directly log in to the MyJPJ application using your identification number and the designated password.

  1. Register via MySIKAP (eID Advanced)

If you already have a MySIKAP account, proceed directly to any nearby JPJ branch to upgrade your account by verifying your MyKad and fingerprint verification.

*embeded video from JPJ Kedah* 

What Features Are Available on the MyJPJ App? 

Driving Licences

Vehicle Plate Number Bidding (JPJ eBid) 

How to use the MyJPJ appWant to get the registration number for your new car? By using the MyJPJ application, you can now access the JPJ eBid application to bid for vehicle registration numbers online.

Check The Current Plate Numbers in Circulation

How to use the MyJPJ AppIf you want to know about the current vehicle registration numbers for each state, it can be checked using the MyJPJ application. Simply choose the state you want to check, and it will be displayed for you.

Check the Validity of Your Road Tax (LKM)

How to use the MyJPJ AppYou can use the MyJPJ application to check the status of your Motor Vehicle License (LKM). Just enter your vehicle number, and comprehensive information about the status of the motor vehicle license and car insurance, including owner details, will be displayed.

Driver’s Licence and Other Documentation

Show Your Digital Driver’s Licence

How to use the MyJPJ AppGiven that it’s no longer mandatory to carry your driving license at all times, you can use the MyJPJ application to easily check the expiration date of your driving license.

Check Your Driving Test Results

How to use the MyJPJ AppFor those who want to check the results of their driving test, it can be done through the MyJPJ application. You can even view your past driving test results using the application.

JPJ Summons

Check For Any Outstanding Summons

How to use the MyJPJ AppHave you ever received a fine from a JPJ officer but don’t know where to check it?  It can be done through the MyJPJ app and you only need to enter your vehicle’s plate number. 

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Check For Any Deducted Demerit Points

How to use the MyJPJ appThe demerit point checking feature in the MyJPJ application allows you to monitor if there are any demerit points on your driving record.


How to use the MyJPJ appThis application also allows you to check the blacklist to verify whether your name or vehicle is on the JPJ blacklist record.

Public Service 

JPJeQ (JPJ Integrated Queue Number & Appointment System)

How to use the MyJPJ appYou can also use the MyJPJ application to access JPJeQ to obtain an online queue number to deal with matters at the JPJ branch. No need to stand in long lines anymore!


How to use the MyJPJ appIf you encounter any issues or have complaints related to drivers violating traffic rules, the app also provides an easy platform to submit your complaints directly to JPJ.

Through this application, you only need to upload details of the offense such as pictures or videos, location, time of the offense, and a brief description of the incident.

How to Obtain Your Driving Licence (e-LMM) and Roadtax (e-LKM) on the MyJPJ App

How to use the MyJPJ AppGiven that physical road tax and driving licenses are no longer required at all times, you can use digital copies in the MyJPJ application.

After logging into the application, press the profile button in the top right corner to view the digital display of your driving license and car’s road tax.

In conclusion, the MyJPJ application developed by the Malaysian Road Transport Department (JPJ) is a positive step towards transforming and modernizing road transportation services in Malaysia.

With its various existing features, it can provide an easy and efficient solution for checking vehicle and driver licenses, reviewing fines, public services, and much more digitally without the need to visit JPJ branches.

You can visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on the MyJPJ website for more information about the MyJPJ application.

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