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Making It Through the Rain: Car Care & Driving Tips for the Rainy Season

The rainy season is well and truly upon us. More often than not, we will encounter a rain shower and damp roads while driving these few weeks.

During this period, car maintenance and driver safety become much more important. You need to be a bit more diligent in maintaining your car, as well as paying more attention on the road in order to reach your destination safely.

Here are some simple tips you can follow to drive your car through the rain unscathed.

Caring for Your Car During the Rainy Season

Park In a Covered Area

Water is your car’s worst enemy. It corrodes metal, attacks seals, and may lead to leaks. Parking your car outdoors leaves it exposed to the rain, leading to much accelerated wear and tear.

Thus, if possible, always park your car in a covered parking lot. Whether it is underneath your house’s porch or in a basement parking lot, make sure your car stays dry and out of the rain.

Maintain Your Tires

Your tires make the difference between safely negotiating a corner and an accident. This is doubly more so in the rain.

In the wet, the grooves on your tires displace the water between the road and the rubber, ensuring grip. If the tires are worn, grip is reduced significantly. Hence, you need to check for tread wear and ensure your tires are inflated correctly to your car manufacturer’s specifications.

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Check Your Windshield Wipers

Without your windshield wipers, you will be driving blind in a rainstorm. Thus, it is crucial they work as intended. They should clean evenly without any squeaking noises. Replace them if they do not.

While doing that, you can also take this opportunity to ensure your windows are clean. Having maximum visibility is vital when driving in the rain, and clean windows are key to this.

Clean and Wax Your Car

Maintaining a clean car not only looks nice, it also prolongs the life of the paintwork. Your car’s paint is not just decorative – it also serves as protection for the metal underneath.

Unfortunately, wet weather can wreak havoc on paint. To prevent that, you can apply a layer of protective wax to your car. Wax acts as a water repellent, where mud and rainwater can easily roll off. This not only helps prevent corrosion, it will also help your car preserve its like-new shine.

Check Your Battery

Driving in the rain can cause more battery drain. Humid weather can also cause corrosion to the battery terminals and drain it overnight.

Pay attention to signs like dimming lights, difficulty in starting the car etc as they indicate a stressed battery. You also need to be aware of increased electrical issues during the rainy season as water can corrode wiring easily.

Driving Safely in the Rain

Turn Your Lights On

Turning your lights on during a downpour is not just for you, it’s also for other drivers to see you. A good rule is that when your windshield wipers are on, turn your lights on as well.

Note that you should not turn on your hazard lights. Hazard lights are only for when your car is stationary. Turning on hazards during the rain will only confuse other drivers, and rain driving is not a good time to be confused.

Slow Down

Driving slowly but steadily in the rain is key to getting home safely. Reducing your speed gives you time to react to anything happening around you, while being mindful of other drivers. Braking distances also increase in the wet, so cutting your speed is vital to stopping in time.

Stay Calm

No matter how heavy the rain gets, you need to stay calm and steady. Anxiety can lead to erratic driving and jerky movements, which may lead to your car spinning out of control. Stopping by the side of the road is an even bigger no-no, as reduced visibility and reduced grip will vastly increase the chance of crashing into a stationary vehicle.

Concentrate Fully on Driving

Even during normal conditions, you should be focusing on the road fully. When it rains, you need to dial that concentration up to 110%. Leave plenty of space between you and other drivers, and always expect the worst.

Get a Rain-capable Car with CARSOME

When you buy a car with CARSOME, you can expect the car to handle the rain as well as any other car. Our CARSOME Certified cars are thoroughly inspected with our stringent 175-point inspection to ensure the car is free from major accidents, as well as fire and crucially flood damage in this rainy season. On top of that, we also ensure that the mileage has not been tampered with, which is why CARSOME Certified cars are truly like one in a hundred.

Furthermore, every CARSOME Certified car includes:

  • A full, professional refurbishment to ensure the car is safe, comfortable, and has a refurbished aesthetics.
  • Fixed prices without any hidden fees, including road tax, PUSPAKOM inspection fee, ownership transfer fee, and loan application fee.
  • A five-day money-back guarantee in case you change your mind.
  • A one-year warranty to ensure further peace of mind.

Drive with peace of mind this rainy season by visiting carsome.my and choosing your dream ride now.

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