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Kickstart Your Business With These 3 Vans Under RM80,000 From CARSOME

For any business, getting a reliable cargo hauler is crucial to transporting you and your product around. Things may get trickier if your business is just starting and has to go through budget constraints. 

Fret not if you’re looking for cheap vans! Here are three used vans for sale in CARSOME’s inventory to choose from! 

Toyota Hiace

used vans for saleOne could argue that the Vellfire/Alphard is just a well-dressed Hiace going for a premium.

Ask anyone for a vehicle that isn’t a truck to haul cargo, the fourth and fifth-generation Toyota Hiace will be the first that comes to mind. 

used vans for saleMore than a decade after its discontinuation, the Toyota Hiace is still highly sought-after by valets and businessmen due to its versatility and reliability.

used vans for saleStarting with the fourth generation, Toyota clearly distinguished between the passenger-oriented wagon and the more utilitarian van versions. Notably, the luxurious Super Custom wagon was separated and integrated into the Alphard lineup.

The fifth-generation Hiace offered a variety of body configurations, including long and super-long wheelbases, standard and high roofs, and wide body widths for vans exceeding 4.7 meters in length. 

used vans for sale

Engine options varied depending on the market, with gasoline and diesel choices available, and transmission options included both manual and automatic.

For used vans for sale in the Malaysian market,, you can usually find them in a 2.5L four-cylinder diesel or a 2.7L petrol engine along with a passenger-oriented Window variant. 

With 6043 liters of cargo space and 800 kg carrying capacity should leave plenty of room for your business. 

Browse here: Used Toyota Hiace for sale

Nissan Urvan

used vans for saleWith the Hiace always in the spotlight, people seem to forget that Nissan too, at one point had a van in their lineup. 

The sixth-generation Nissan Urvan debuted in 2012. However, it took six years for Edaran Tan Chong Malaysia to sell them here. This 14-seater High Roof model and 1200 kg cargo hauler are big enough to get any job done.

used vans for saleYou may have sat in one of these Urvan mini-school buses on the way to school. 

Two variants can be had; a five-speed auto and manual transmission mated to the same four-cylinder turbo diesel engine.

It seems that Edaran Tan Chong Malaysia has no plans to bring the newer model of Urvans into the country which only leaves used units up for grabs should you want one. 

Bear in mind that the Nissan Urvan, sometimes known as the NV350 for the cargo version, is not to be confused with the NV200, which is a smaller variant of Nissan’s commercial van lineup.

Check out our used Nissan Urvans for sale here

Daihatsu Gran Max Van

used vans for saleIf a Hiace or an Urvan is too big, the smaller and cheaper Daihatsu Gran Max (known as the Toyota LiteAce/TownAce in Japan) is another great option. 

This Euro 4-compliant Gran Max comes in both pickup and Panel Van variants but for clarity’s sake, let’s stick to the van variant for this article. 

used vans for saleDespite the Grand Max being the Hiace’s smaller cousin (Daihatsu is a subsidiary company owned by Toyota), it can still carry around 750kgs of cargo. 

used vans for saleA single-cab flatbed truck variant is also available 

Furthermore, the Daihatsu-sourced 2NR 1.5-liter petrol engine is found on several Toyota/Perodua Cars so spare parts are abundant in the aftermarket. 

Both auto and manual transmissions can be had from the manufacturer. 

Check out Our Daihatsu Gran Max Vans for sale here.

Buying or Selling a Van? CARSOME’s Got You Covered

In addition to just selling cars, CARSOME is proud to add commercial vans to our ever-growing fleet! We can now buy and sell vans for your transportation and business needs. 

Click here if you’re looking to sell a van to us for a fast payout within 72 hours and click here if you’re looking to buy one from us! 

All CARSOME vans are thoroughly inspected via our 175-point inspection to ensure they’re flood, fire, and damage-free for you to haul cargo with peace of mind.


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