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Are You Trying to Sell Your E-hailing Vehicle? Here’s What to Do First

If you are a driver looking to sell your vehicle which you’ve been using for E-Hailing, here are some things that you will need to know before your sale.

The E-Hailing regulation from the Ministry of Transport requires E-Hailing drivers to have a public service vehicle (PSV) licence and an E-Hailing Vehicle Permit (EVP) from 12 October 2019 onwards. The licence and permit are part of being a certified driver to transport paying passengers. Because of this, applying for an E-Hailing Permit will also update your vehicle status from ‘Persendirian – Individu’ (Private – Individual) to a ‘Persendirian – E-Hailing’ (Private – E-Hailing).


As a result of the update, all owners of private E-Hailing vehicles must revert their vehicle status back to ‘Persendirian – Individu’ (Private – Individual) before selling it off.


Before you proceed to sell to Carsome, here are the steps to follow to change your vehicle status:

  1. You are required to cancel your E-Hailing Vehicle Permit (EVP) with your E-Hailing company.
  2. The procedure may differ with various E-Hailing companies, but as a driver, you should receive a copy of the cancellation letter from your E-Hailing company directed to the JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan) to inform them of the termination.
  3. You will also be required to complete a Puspakom Special Inspection/ Pemeriksaan Khas (B2) and get a report.
  4. At JPJ, you will need to submit a JPJK8 form, Puspakom B2 Special Inspection report, photocopy of your IC, vehicle grant/ VOC, and the termination letter from your E-Hailing company.
  5. With the documents submitted above, you will be able to change your vehicle’s status from ‘Persendirian – E-Hailing’ (Private – E-Hailing) to ‘Persendirian – Individu’ (Private – Individual).
  6. With the updated vehicle status to Private – Individual, you can now proceed with selling your car to Carsome!


Click here to download the JPJK8 (Pind. 1/2016) form


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