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Touch 'n Go RFID? Here Are Your Questions Answered

RFID is the abbreviation for Radio-Frequency Identification. As you might have heard or seen, Touch ‘n Go (TNG) has been testing the system at quite a number of Highways for about a year now and recently announced a Public Pilot Programme where interested members of the public can register to be part of the first 10,000 users.

When paired with the news that TNG has also effectively stopped all sales of the SmartTAG device, it seems that RFID is the current focus for contactless systems at toll booths. Here are some questions about the system answered.


How does RFID work?

TNG’s RFID works as a passive system that does not require a card and device with batteries to work. An overhead scanner (similar to the SmartTAG system) mounted at the toll booth reads the tag – a sticker that is applied on your vehicle. The toll fee will then be deducted via TNG’s eWallet app, which is required to be loaded through credit or debit card or online bank transfers.


What’s the difference between the headlamp sticker and windscreen sticker?

There are two types of stickers that is applied to either the vehicle’s headlamp on the outside, or on the front windscreen on the inside. While there are two types of stickers, as of publication, TNG is only installing the external tag on headlamps or windscreens (should the headlamps be tinted).


Why must the sticker only be installed at specific areas on the vehicle?

It is stated that the RFID is not able to work near metal, hence the reason why it must be fitted on the exterior. As most Malaysian vehicles would have solar tint installed, there could also be interference between the scanner and the sticker as some tints are metallised.


How durable is the RFID sticker?

According to TNG, the RFID sticker is made to last for an average of five years and is made of high durable material that can withstand various weather conditions, including heat and rain. It is also recommended to avoid chemical wash directly onto the sticker.


Can the RFID sticker be stolen and used by another party?

TNG states that the sticker is damaged when removed. At the current pilot phase, the sticker replacement fee is waived at TNG’s discretion.


What happens if you drive into a lane without having sufficient balance?

TNG has mentioned that as of present, the toll fare display will show “Baki Kurang” (Insufficient funds). However, it has been mentioned that in time, future occurrences despite lack of balance, would still open the barrier to reduce congestion, albeit only once. The credit will then be deducted from the next eWallet reload. Failure to do so could suspend, terminate or blacklist the users account.


Are you able to have multiple vehicles linked to one eWallet account?

Yes. The vehicle owner must provide an authorisation letter to allow the RFID registration.


Why does it take so long for the barrier to open?

Many lanes have different legacy configurations and the system integrators and concessionaires are working together to harmonise these lanes for RFID to reduce the deviation factor so that the experience is consistent for customers.


Is reloading the eWallet immediate?

Yes. Users will also be able to view and export their transaction history.


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