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Five Crazy Ideas To Raise Money For Your Dream Car!


We're kidding! And we don't condone such acts for you to buy that Porsche or BMW of your dreams! But, we do advise you to take the proper steps below to buy a reasonable car.



Of course the guide above can be tailored to your expenditure, but do remember that spending the reasonable monthly salary is key to be on track! Check out the following quiz for some ideas on which cars would be suitable for you!



We understand that buying your first car is just as important to a first home. By arming yourself with the relevant knowledge and financing tools to assist you in your purchase, you will be able to make the best choice suited for your budget and lifestyle.

Your first car on a budget certainly is on the horizon. It just needs the right support and bank to help you get there. Click here for the best car loans and quotation by Hong Leong Bank now!

Your next step to getting a car is one click away!


Getting your first car is as important as knowing how to drive responsibly and with discipline. Click here to find out the important aspects to driving on the road and knowing what to do with BMW's Driver Training Programme.


This article was produced in partnership with Hong Leong Bank Malaysia.


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