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Here’s What You Need to Know About Attending Autoshows in Malaysia

If you’re familiar with Matta Fairs or food fairs, auto fairs are more or less the same. Just, with cars. Whether you’re a car enthusiast, or just a prospecting shopper itching to see what’s new on the block, auto fairs are a great place to look around. 

What Exactly Is an Autoshow/Autofair?

What is an auto fair or an auto show?An auto show, sometimes known as an auto fair, is a convention of various automakers and sometimes sellers displaying the best they offer to the public. These can consist of several booths organized by the manufacturer or company themselves. 

Additionally, cars sold at auto fairs tend to have sweeter deals than storefront visits. More on what to expect below. 

How Many Types of Autoshows/Autofairs Are Out There?

How many types of auto fairs are out there?Currently, there are two types – auto shows or auto fairs primarily display new cars or used cars as their bread and butter. On the other hand, another auto fair predominantly focuses on classic and custom cars. 

A perfect example is Tokyo Auto Salon Malaysia which we went to earlier this year, but more on that for another day. 

Are the Cars Displayed There for Sale?

It depends on what type of auto fair you go to. Classic car auto fairs? It depends on the organizer and exhibitors. But for most auto fairs, especially CARSOME Auto Fair, yes they do. You know those cars that they display in shopping malls? Same thing. 

Moreover, the cars on sale there will be at a discounted price with much better deals than storefront visits. 

What Can You Do at an Auto Fair?

Walk around and get a good feel of all the cars there! These exhibitors publicly display all their vehicles for customers to experience. Take a seat inside the car, ask for a test drive, or enquire about more details about the cars with the staff there!

Here’s the launch of the previous auto fairs we had in the past so you’ll know what to expect:

Juru Autofair 2023

PJ Autofair 2022

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Car at an Auto Fair?

Get Your Dream Car at Greater Discounts

At auto fairs, the cars displayed there will always be offered much cheaper than usual! In addition, some exhibitors tend to provide freebies such as floor mats, window tints, or extra warranties for cars purchased during the fair. 

Faster & Swifter Service from the Staff

From inspections, to test drives, to purchases – everything can be done all at once at auto fairs! At the event, more staff or consultants will be assigned to assist customers attending the auto fair so that the buying and selling process can be done more smoothly.

What Should You Prepare Before Attending an Auto Fair?

If you’re planning to sell your car at CARSOME’s auto fair, it’s best to come prepared to reap all the benefits we have to offer! Here are a few things you can do before attending

Wash Your Car

Wash your car before attending an auto fairBringing in a clean car for inspection is always a good sign – you can ask for higher prices and give the next prospective buyer peace of mind. 

Prepare All Relevant Documents

For those who wish to speed up the buying and selling, here is a list of documents you can bring along. Our sales staff would really appreciate the effort!

Documents to bring if buying

  • A copy of your Identification Card (IC) and driver’s license
  • Three months of your latest payslips
  • Three months of your latest bank statements
  • KWSP Statement

Documents to bring if selling

  • Registration Card (RC) / Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC)
  • MyKad/NRIC (Or passport for non-Malaysians)
  • Spare keys (If available)
  • Approved Permit (AP) (Company or individual for verification, if applicable)
  • Hire Purchase Settlement (For cars with an outstanding loan amount. This can be acquired from the bank)
  • Purchase Invoice (For cars purchased by cash)
  • Third-party authorization letter (For cars registered under a company or different name)

Bring All Keys (Main & Spare Car Keys) 

With all the keys handed over to us, you can press for higher prices for your car. Your car’s next owner will also feel safe knowing they don’t have to fork out more money to create another spare key. 

If Buying, Have Your Downpayment On Standby

Found the car you’ve always wanted? You don’t have to bring wads stacks of cash for the whole car, just the downpayment (20%) will do. Additionally, if you don’t want to pay in cash, CARSOME also takes other forms of payment such as card and bank transfer!

CARSOME’s Autofair will have some of the hottest deals for used cars in your area. So, stay tuned for this upcoming one at Johor Jaya this November!


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