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The Live2Drive Adventure Crew Are Finally Home

It was a successful adventure of a lifetime for three classic VW Kombi vans and a Beetle, when the team undertaking the Live2Drive adventure made it back safely to Malaysia after driving over 52,000 km from Kuala Lumpur to Germany.


The journey which started in March this year took over six months, 607 hours, 30 countries to Hessisch Oldendorf, Germany for the biggest Vintage Volkswagen Show. The journey took the crew of five drove across China, Russia, Poland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, England and more over various terrains in a range of Continental’s ComfortContact 6 and UltraContact 6 tyres throughout the trip.


The objective of the drive was to inspire Malaysians to travel cross country by vehicle and to give back to society through various charity initiatives. Continental Tyre Malaysia’s support to the various charity initiatives is also one that helps inspire communities along the way.


“Along the way, fans who recognised the Continental brand as well as those who are keen on classic cars came along to meet and cheer the team along. This reaffirms the premise that Continental tyres are trusted the world over for quality, performance and its German Technology,” said Cameron Wilson, MD of Continental Tyre Malaysia.


Cliften Nathaniel, one of the Live2Drive members further shared, “Driving through what was a ‘cold summer’ in summer tyres was beyond my expectations. Cold summer is like driving up really high altitudes with cold temperatures, rough hard-off roads, as well as through snow and on some parts of icy roads. Despite all that, the tyres performed fantastically and made us wanting to keep driving.”


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