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The Issues Faced When Selling Your Car Online

There are usually only a few ways that you could sell your car. You could put your car up with a sign at a Sunday car mart sale, head to a car dealer and negotiate for the best price, or even advertise it through a print or online classifieds. While the latter most is the one of the most common method for an individual to sell their car online, it does pose a number of drawbacks.


Opening Yourself To Unwanted Situations

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Sellers that place their cars up on the most popular sites in Malaysia often say that out of the many messages received via email or mobile, only a handful are of genuine enquiries. Worse yet, sellers from these sites often receive lower than market value offers, come across scammers looking to purchase your vehicle without a formal meet-up, spammers sending unwanted text or even buyers wanting to meet up at less than desirable places. Situations such as these make it difficult for sellers to conveniently let go of their cars.


It Takes Time


Depending on your car’s make and model, it could take an even longer time to receive a reasonable offer from a genuine buyer. Hence why some say that the easiest and fastest solution to selling your car quick is usually to a car dealer. Largely car dealers will buy your car despite its condition, but the drawback is that you might get a lower offer; and the offers you get will vary according to dealers.


Waiting For The Loan

If the car you’re selling is under five years old, the chances that you’ll get an interested buyer going through a loan is high. This is where it becomes tricky. Unfortunately, getting a loan still requires a dealer to mediate the process as the bank needs an authorised entity to handle the letter of undertaking. This also includes the processing fee from the dealer, Puspakom inspections and ownership transfer at JPJ (Road Transport Department).


Selling Your Car Fast

Where Carsome stands between all these points is the possibility to sell your car in the easiest way possible, without the need for haggling. By using our online platform, you would only need to input the make and model of your car, schedule an appointment at our inspection centre, and either accept our fair price offer, or opt for bidding. The latter most allows your vehicle to be put on our bidding platform that connects you to over 900 dealers nationwide. And since all the transfers and paperwork will be handled by us, you wouldn’t need to run around unnecessarily.

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