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Sell your car on Carsome and Drive with SOCAR!

Are you looking to sell your car, or just want to rent a car to drive around? Now you can do both! With our current collaboration with Socar, customers who sell their cars at our outlets in Kelana Jaya, Penang and Johor Bahru will be able to enjoy up to 50% discount for your Socar rides!

What this means is that when you sell your car through Carsome, you can now book an available vehicle from Socar just a stone throw’s away from the three participating outlets. You just need to book, unlock and drive a car for as low as RM 4 per hour with Socar, once you have sold your car through us!


What is Socar?

Socar is the latest car sharing platform that gives people the convenience of driving a car without the commitment of owning one. With choices of eight different cars ranging from hatchbacks to sedans, Socar’s fleet is now over 650 locations around Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Johor and Penang.


Signing up to be a Socar member only requires the app, verifying the driver’s identity through IC or passport and a photo of their driver’s license details. Socar users can book and drive cars from 30 minutes to a whole week and only need to return the vehicle to the designated parking space. All cars on the Socar platform are keyless and prices are inclusive of petrol and insurance (comprehensive and personal accident coverage).

If you can’t get to the vehicle location, the brand also has D2D car-sharing, a Door-to-Door service that delivers your reserved Socar to your doorstep and desired return points.

There are now 18 types of car models ranging from compacts, sedans, SUVs and luxury vehicle’s that’s available with Socar!


How can you get these promo codes?

After you have sold your car through us, do speak with the person in charge of your transaction and they will be able to assist you!


Where can you get a Socar closest to Carsome’s outlets?


Sell your car through us today! And then drive home with SOCAR!


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