Perodua Introduces GearUp Smart Bluetooth TPMS

Perodua have introduced the GearUp Smart Bluetooth TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System). The Perodua GearUp Smart Bluetooth TPMS is offered at an introductory price of RM 385 until 30th June, after which will be priced back at RM 430 (Peninsular Malaysia). A 6-month warranty is offered for the product.

This new product comprises four individual tyre sensors and an in-car smart device. Speaking of that, the tyre sensors which are screwed on to the tyre valves (in place of the valve caps) transmit information via Bluetooth to the in-car smart device. The in-car smart device has four lights that represents the four tyres of the vehicle.

If the pressure on any of the tyres falls below 8 per cent of recommended values, a beeping sound will be emitted. From then on, the corresponding lights on the in-car smart device will light up, alerting the driver to which tyres are underinflated. “With the Perodua GearUp Smart Bluetooth TPMS, users can conveniently keep an eye on their tyres to make sure they stay within the recommended pressures, thereby preserving tyre life, helping to reduce fuel consumption and ensuring the vehicle’s overall safety,” added Dato’ Dr Zahari.

But there’s more!

Alternatively, owners can download the FOBO Tire mobile app (available for iOS 7.1 and Android 4.3 and above) to get real-time data on the vehicle’s tyre pressures and tyre temperatures via Bluetooth. The app can also store the data on the cloud, allowing a user at home to monitor the information in real time while the vehicle is being driven by a family member.

Furthermore, the individual tyre sensors can be locked using a lock nut spanner (included). The in-car smart device has a built-in motion sensor-when it detects no motion, it can go into sleep mode to save battery. The tyre sensors are powered by coin-cell batteries while the in-car smart device is powered by two AA batteries (all batteries are included).


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