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Michelin Malaysia launches Pilot Sport 4 SUV tyres

If you are looking for ultra-high performance tyres for your premium sporty SUV, Michelin has just launched the Pilot Sport 4 SUV that has been developed for longevity, remarkable braking performance, dynamic handling and a comfortable driving experience.


The Pilot Sport 4 SUV completes the Pilot Sport line-up in Malaysia which includes the standard Pilot Sport 4, 4S and even the Sport Cup 2 and 2R. The PS 4 SUV is developed with a new compound that incorporates innovative functional elastomers and thin silica.


With wet handling tests conducted by TÜV SÜD on the PS 4 SUV, results showed that it took up to 5.06 seconds faster to compete a 1,050 metre track than its competitors, dry braking in a distance of up to 2.7-metres shorter than competitors and on wet roads, brakes up to 4.9-metres shorter when new and up to 8.5-metres shorter when worn, against competitors.


The tyre also sports a new asymmetrical groove design that rigidifies the tread pattern and provides excellent grip during dynamic cornering. A hybrid belt made of nylon and aramid also provides steering responsiveness and driving precision.


As for longevity, tests conducted by Dekra Test Centre showed that it offers up to 13,000 km more than other premium tyre brands – thanks to a design that incorporates rigid tread blocks and a high-density double casing ply for increased robustness against road shock damages.


The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV is now available at TyrePlus and all Michelin authorised dealers in Malaysia in 39 sizes and for rims of 17 to 23-inches. Prices start from RM 700. Rim protectors are also available on all dimensions.


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