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How to Sell A Car if the Original Owner is Deceased or in Prison

Once the dust settles after the funeral, attempting to sort out the deceased’s assets can be a headache. Often, we get queries from family members attempting to sell these cars for liquidation. 

While CARSOME can handle all the paperwork involved in the buying and selling process, unfortunately, we do not offer any services of transferring the name on the grant to an immediate family member. 

However, we’ve compiled a list of steps you can take to transfer the name on the car’s grant to you or another person yourself. 

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How to Transfer Car Owner’s Name if They Are Deceased

How to transfer the name of a deceased car owner on the grant.In most cases, having a will left by the deceased will smoothen things out. Contacting a lawyer specializing in succession, wills, and trusts is a good start. 

If there is no legal dispute over the deceased’s assets, you can have the name on the car’s grant transferred under your name provided you have proof that the deceased is an immediate family member. 

Transferring ownership is seamless and straightforward if prepared correctly. Here’s what you need to prepare for the name transfer in a car’s grant. 

Make Sure All Outstanding Loans Are Paid Off First

This part is pretty much straightforward. If there is a next-of-kin willing to take up the loan, then it should be paid off as soon as they can. Otherwise, the bank has full rights to repossess the car for auctioning. 

However, it is imperative to know that when you sign for a loan with a bank, you will be asked to purchase an insurance plan with it. If the owner is deceased, the insurance will make a full payout to cover the car. Do check back with your insurance plan for this step.

You can skip this step if the car has been fully paid for or is already been covered by insurance. 

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Next, Send The Car for a PUSPAKOM Inspection

After everything is completed, with the vehicle’s grant, you need to make an appointment with PUSPAKOM for an inspection to get a B5 Transfer of Ownership Inspection Report. Prepare these documents required for the inspection: 

  • Two copies of JPJ K3A forms signed by the new owner or next of kin
  • Death Certificate of the previous owner
  • Identification Card (MyKad) or Passport of the successor or administrator
  • Vehicle Ownership Grant or Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC)
  • Court Order (received with Grant Letter of Probate/ Administration if received car as inheritance)
  • Puspakom B5 Transfer of Ownership Inspection Report

Once all documents are complete, present this set of documents to the nearest JPJ office and you’re done. All you have to do next is to wait for them to call you back. The process should take no more than two working weeks. 

Bonus: What If The Car’s Owner Is In Prison? 

How to transfer the name of a deceased car owner on the grant. If the owner is in prison, the car’s name transfer procedure works just the same; minus the death certificate. Contact a lawyer first and get the spouse’s or next of kin’s name onto the new grant, and then it’s business as usual. 

After the grant has been transferred to the new owner, you can then do whatever with the car as you please. 

For Those Looking to Sell the Car after the Whole Ordeal

CARSOME can take in your car once the whole name transfer procedure is done. You can make an appointment to get your car sold here.

CARSOME will have your car inspected sold, and paid out within 24 hours*. Contact any Inspection Center near you to get started! 

In the meantime, here’s what you can prepare at home to speed up the selling process. Read more about it here


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