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Turn Your Car Into a Feng Shui Machine This Year of the Rabbit!

The arrival of the Year of the Rabbit brings a fresh start for everyone. With the Lunar New Year drawing closer, you might be tempted to buy a car to impress your relatives this season or to last throughout the year. For staunch followers and those new to the world of Feng Shui, did you know you can channel it into your car this Year of the Rabbit?

Keep Your Car Uncluttered and Clean

Clean your car for good luck this year of the rabbitCleanliness and cockroach infestation aside, there is also a logical reason why Feng Shui masters tell you to keep your car clean all the time. Clutteredness is a sign of stagnation and will slow you and your progress down in life. Like a clogged drain, Feng Shui masters claim that good luck for the Year of the Rabbit will be blocked if you do not take the initiative now to clean up your car! If you need to transport items, keep the same colored bins in your trunk to have a good flow of luck. 

It’s also important to keep the exterior of your car clean at all times. Not only is it presentable to others, but a dusty and dirty window won’t allow you to clearly see available opportunities this year. That, and hazards on the road. 

Hang a Crystal Ball For Protection From Bad Energy

Hanging a crystal ball helps to feng shui your carIf you can splurge a little, hanging a small crystal ball can draw good energy and repel bad ones for this Year of the Rabbit. Aside from looking like a pretty disco ball, in the world of Feng Shui, crystal balls represent pleasant, smooth, and constant motion. Crystal balls are believed to repel negative energy from the faceted surface and draw in gentle ones. 

Hanging a small, 20mm diameter crystal ball in your car, preferably on the rearview mirror will repel all the negative energy (and hopefully bad drivers) on the road while constantly drawing in good, gentle ones. 

Put Coins in Your Car to Draw in Wealth 

Put coins in your cupholders and door side pocketsPutting loose change in your cup holders, glovebox, and side door pockets will come in handy should you need it. But in a cashless society today, physical coins seem obsolete. However, when it comes to Feng Shui for your car, masters, and sifus will tell you to keep them there as it is. Having money in your car at all times will remind you you always have money wherever you go and wealth will always be with you. Do top it back if you use the coins. 

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Pick the Right Color For Your Car Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Choosing the right color for your car matters to feng shui aficionados tooDid you know picking the right color for your car based on your birth year can boost your luck? According to Feng Shui sifus, each year, the animal in the Chinese Zodiac has a corresponding element change; and choosing the right Feng Shui car color based on the Five Elements enhances the fortune it brings. The Five Elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth) all have their own distinctive colors.

Say this year is the year of the Fire Monkey, for example, you can either get a red car to fuel the flames of passion or a green car as green symbolizes wood that fuels the fire! 

A famous Malaysian Feng Shui Master, Joey Yap, foretells that this year is the Year of the Water Rabbit, so why not get a blue-colored car to match? Even if the car that you purchased doesn’t have the corresponding color, you can always make an appointment with a paint shop. If you’re not sure what to choose, here’s a list of auspicious car Feng Shui colors to choose from!

  • Red

Red Like a FerrariRed is a powerful and vibrant choice. Often, red is associated with good luck, prosperity, and wealth around the world and not just in Chinese culture. Red also symbolizes a burning passion, love, and happiness. Overall red brings out the positive energy and passion in your car, hence it’s a popular choice among car owners. If you’re gifting a car to a loved one this year, make it red to show your passion and love for them! 

  • Green

Green Like a Proton IrizGreen may seem like an odd choice for your car’s color. However, green is not only good for the eyes, but it also symbolizes growth, abundance, health, balance, and stability. Overall, green represents peace of mind and steadiness in life. In Feng Shui, green is used to create a peaceful atmosphere wherever you go. 

  • Blue

Blue Like a BMW Blue, like the ocean, symbolizes vibrant transformations and the constant movement of the seas. It also represents personal clarity and inspiration in our endeavors. For anyone in the creative field, getting a blue-colored car will keep the creative juices flowing this Year of the Rabbit.

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Choose a Good Pickup Date and Plate Number for Your Car 

In the Chinese community, choosing the right date and the right car plate number based on Feng Shui goes a long way as the number phonetics can represent auspicious sounds (吉利 jílì). This is known as Chinese numerology and here’s how it works for this Year of the Rabbit.

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Go For These

  • The Number Two (二)

In Chinese numerology, pairings are seen as auspicious. 二 (Èr) is commonly associated with doubles, 双 (Shuāng). It’s used to signify twice the joy, happiness, and wealth for others and is a Chinese calligraphy favorite to be decorated at homes. Consult more with a master for advice on the best car plate number for feng shui.

  • The Number Eight (八)

Number eight, 八 (Bā) bears similar phonetics to 发 (fā), which often is paired as a verb to 发财 (fācái), getting rich. If you’re getting a used car for business, setting the pickup date and plate number with an eight is a sign of a thriving business. 

  • The Number Nine (九)

Mighty number nine, 九 (jiǔ) sounds like 久 (jiǔ), which stands for longevity and eternity. Get a number nine paired up with another number on your car’s plate and car collection date to symbolize your car’s running reliability and your endeavors running successfully for eternity. 

Avoid These

  • The Number Four (四)

Number four has been associated with the bane of misfortune in Chinese culture. Four in Mandarin, 四 (Sì) sounds like death, 死 (Sǐ). So avoid number four at all costs or substitute it with 3A. In addition, showing the number four in the Chinese community is a sign of disrespect, so avoid these numbers on your car for potentially fatal accidents. 

However, number four can be used as a double-edged sword. In Chinese internet slang, the arrangement, 1314 can be interpreted as 一生一世 (yī sān yī sì) which stands for one life, one world. 1314 is also often paired with romantic phrases in Mandarin. If you’re buying a car for your significant other, what better way to express your love than with the best car plate number for feng shui?

  • The Number Five (五)

Mambo Number Five here should also be avoided on your pickup date and your plate number. The number, 五 (wǔ) sounds like 呜 (wū) which buzzes like someone whining and grumbling in Mandarin. Who wants a whiner in life? 

Getting a specific plate number is arguably the hardest and most expensive part of this guide as it’s common for Malaysians to bid absurd amounts of money for them. But if you can afford it, a good plate number can also yield bragging rights and channel in the positive energy that is much needed for 2023. That said, you can still buy from the current running numbers for as low as RM300, which means you can actually get an auspicious plate number for your car at a reasonable price. Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

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