Upsize Your Life: 3 Signs You Should & How to Get RM5,000 OFF a Quality Home

Life isn’t all about staying still. As we move on into different phases of life, our lifestyle changes accordingly. And as we aspire to build a better life for us and our families, we would be upsizing what we own as well.

Here, we focus on when you should upsize your house and your car – likely two of the most valuable things you would own. Before taking the upsizing plunge however, you should take stock of your financial situation and decide if you can afford it. If your finances allow it, taking the plunge will lead to a more comfortable, elevated quality of life.

1. Your Family is Growing

One of the most common reasons for upsizing is family. The equation is simple: more people equals more space needed. When you welcome children into your life, you will naturally need more space to raise them.

Thus, it will make more sense to upsize your car as well as your living space. You will need more rooms to accommodate the little ones, as well as cargo space in the car to move them about.

2. Your Finances are Improving

If you can afford to upsize your home right now, it might be a good idea to do so. Doing it now will get the stress of moving out of the way, and you can still keep the house even if your finances aren’t looking so good a few years down the line.

To mitigate that, you can rent out your previous home for some steady income. At the same time, you may also want to upsize your car, especially if you’ve been using it for some time. Getting a car upgrade means less headaches down the road while getting a more comfortable ride with the advances in automotive technology.

3. Your Priorities Have Changed

Right now, working from home is fast becoming the norm. Some people find telecommuting much more preferable to working in the office, preferring to work in their pyjamas while being no less productive.

If you are one of them, you might want to consider adding an extra room to your house so you can work more effectively. According to Christena Nippert-Eng, a sociologist and professor at Indiana University, Bloomington, dividing work and life between different areas of the house is a good strategy to adopt to reduce work stress.

At the same time, you might want to reconsider the use of your car. If you’re upsizing your home, this might be a good time to consider ‘resizing’ your car. You may consider switching to a smaller runabout for errands close to home, or even get rid of the car altogether.

Upsizing with Carsome & Mah Sing: Sell Your Car & Get RM5,000 Off a Mah Sing Property

If you’re looking to upsize and sell your old car, Carsome makes the process of selling hassle-free, and you can get paid in one hour*. What’s more, all the paperwork is handled for you. Additionally, you can also get some quick cash to use when buying a home.

To sell your car with Carsome, just book an inspection online at A Carsome representative will call you to confirm your details and schedule your inspection at your nearest center. Attend your scheduled inspection and our skilled inspectors will conduct a 175-point inspection on your car before offering you a price.

After inspection, we will offer a price for your car on the spot, or you can opt to put your car up for live bidding where our dealers nationwide will bid for your car – you may get up to 20 percent* more than market value.

Enjoy a RM5,000 Discount on Selected Mah Sing Properties When You Sell to Carsome 

In addition, you can get a RM5,000 rebate from Mah Sing to upsize your property when you sell your car with Carsome.

You can purchase a home from the following four Mah Sing projects:

  • M Centura, Sentul: City living made affordable, integrating smart and savvy home features.
  • M Arisa, Sentul: Green living in the heart of the city.
  • Sensory, Southville City: Vibrant living amidst tranquil spaces for all ages.
  • M Oscar, Off Kuchai Lama: A luxurious jewel in the sky for opulent living.

Now with Carsome and Mah Sing, you can upsize comfortably and affordably and live your best life. So, go on – sell your car and get this rebate now!

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