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Here Are 5 Driving Tips to Help You Be a Better Driver

In today’s crowded cities, the most common sight that we see everywhere is heavy traffic and roads jam packed with vehicles. Traffic is hectic, and distractions are all around us, and other drivers or pedestrian’s driving behaviour affect us too. A recent Ford survey found that an alarming number of young drivers who admitted using risky behaviour while driving, such as speeding and even watching videos on mobile. Below are 5 practical driving tips to help you be a better new driver:


Buckle Your Belts

Wearing a seat belt is Rule #1, you just can’t take that away. There are many drivers and passengers that just refuse to wear a seat belt, especially in the backseat as well. One of the common excuse given for avoiding seatbelts is not wanting to wrinkle clothes! Other reasons are that some people just prefer the comfort of not wearing seatbelts or tied down by something.


Well, did you know that you can reduce your chance of injury by half in an accident, more so reduce the risk of death by 45 percent? Seatbelts are very important, don’t just count on your airbags.


Know Your Car

Every car is different and functions almost differently. Understanding how to use your head lights, windshield wipers and temperature controls, would help you to get through tough situations on the road. To add on, many cars today are equipped with driver-assist technologies like Forward Collision Alert or Lane Departure Warning System to help keep you safe on busy roads. Familiarize yourself with your car’s technological system will go a long way in ensuring a safer ride.


Beware of Distractions

The list of distractions that could potentially affect our driving experience on the road are aplenty. From phone alerts, social media, lack of sleep, loud music, or even to meddle with the vehicle’s media system, it causes accidents. Distracted driving is directly linked to a large number of accidents and fatalities on the road. Focus on the road, it is best to leave distractions behind for a fully safe & careful driving experience

According to Ford’s 2017 survey on distracted driving, 54 percent of drivers in Asia Pacific stated that they try not to use their phones while driving – but they do anyway. These distracted moments while driving may be a matter of life and death, with extreme risks we certainly do not want to take.


Defensive Driving

Are you often the aggressor or the more defensive one on the road? Aggressive driving behaviour may include: making frequent or unsafe lane changes, failing to signal, tailgating or disregarding traffic controls. Practical defensive driving tips include the use of turn signals, keeping two hands on the steering wheel. For the regular driver, it’s better not to engage with aggressive drivers as it only encourages them further. Follow the speed limit and stay within the lane, it’s not a race.


Unexpected Weather

Practice driving in bad weather in a safe, secluded location to see how your traction, braking and steering are functioning at various speeds. Strong winds or driving on flooded roads are common occurrences on Malaysian roads.


Here are a few strategies for driving through the rainy season: make sure to replace windshield wipers before the rains start and check your tyres that they have adequate tread and properly inflated. Also, turn on your headlights to ensure optimum vision on the road ahead. Take it slow, as driving at high speeds on slipper roads can cause your car to lose traction and skid.


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