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Chinese New Year: Stories That Celebrate Prosperity, Love, and Sacrifice - Carsome Malaysia

Chinese New Year: Carsomer Stories That Celebrate Prosperity, Love, and Sacrifice

Love is truly the greatest prosperity. Without love, we would not be who we are today, pursue our dreams, and reach our goals. 

This is why this Carsome New Year, we are celebrating our loved ones who have sacrificed their dreams, so we can have ours.

Here are some stories we have from our own Carsomers.

1. Parents That Shaped Us


2. The Realization of Tremendous Love

3. Raised for Success

4. Sisterly Love For Life

5. A Mother’s Teachings

6. A Single Mother’s Sacrifice

7. A Dad’s Love for His Children

8. The Sacrifice of Personal Comfort

9. An Expensive Gift Unforgotten

Haziq CNY

Appreciate Your Loved Ones This Chinese New Year

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Nothing says “I really appreciate your sacrifice” better than a quality used car that has been reconditioned to look and feel like new. On top of that, our Carsome Certified cars come with a fixed price, five-day money-back guarantee, one year warranty, and they are guaranteed to have passed a thorough 175-point inspection which makes them the perfect gift as your loved one’s dream ride.

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