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5 Cheap Cars That Look Expensive to Flex To Your Kampung This Raya

Luxury cars are seen as a symbol of success and prestige. In the journey of a never-ending rat race, many car buyers often fall into the trap of buying an expensive car above their means and then going bankrupt for it. 

However, that does not mean you can still own a nice car! Here are five used cars you can buy for cheap that will make you look rich driving them.

10th Generation Honda Civic

cheap cars malaysiaThe Honda Civic, especially the 10th and 11th generation are a far cry from the cheap sedans they used to be known for. Demand for the Civic sedan has skyrocketed with many even willing to go broke for it.  

cheap cars malaysiaSince the launch of the 11th generation Honda Civic, the 10th gen is still a great bargain in the used market. The 1.5L turbocharged and the 1.8L naturally aspirated four-banger engine with the infamous i-VTEC is still a force to be reckoned with. 

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New Honda Civic 10th Gen Price

Used Honda Civic 10th Gen Price on CARSOME

RM113,800 – RM135,800 RM88,000 – RM110,000

Mini Cooper/Mini Hatch (Post-2014 models) 

cheap cars malaysiaWhat’s not to like about these cars? They’re cute, light, handle superbly, and fast. Get the six-speed manual transmission variant if you want even more bragging rights. The Mini Coopers also get a ton of aftermarket support if you want to spice up its performance. 

cheap cars malaysiaUsed Mini Coopers are an absolute bargain in the used market especially the post-2014 models as they are more reliable according to consumer reports. 

Mini Coopers also share some parts with BMW cars which makes spare parts easy to source, albeit expensive. 

New Mini Cooper Price

Used Mini Cooper Price on CARSOME

RM190,000 – RM316,000 RM90,000 – RM120,000

Mercedes Benz A250 Sedan AMG Line

cheap cars malaysiaThe Mercedes Benz A250 hatchback is highly desirable but don’t sleep on the sedan variant. 

Under the hood is a generous 2.0L turbocharged four-banger engine mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT). With an output of 224PS and 350Nm, it’s more than enough to make you smile when you floor it.

cheap cars malaysiaFurthermore, this spec comes with an AMG body kit as it is part of Mercedes’ AMG Line. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the real AMG spec but at least it looks cool.

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New Mercedes Benz A250 Sedan Price

Used Mercedes Benz A250 Sedan Price on CARSOME

RM240,000 – RM264,000 RM170,000 – RM200,000

Used 2008 – 2010 Toyota Vellfire/Alphard

cheap cars malaysiaDespite being a glorified Hiace, the Toyota Vellfire still garners a high demand due to its status symbol associated with. 

The Vellfire, or known as the Alphard in Japan and certain parts of Asia, is the chariot of choice among politicians and prominent businesspeople. 

cheap cars malaysia

A brand new or recond one should net you around to the tune of less than RM250,000

If the brand-new one is too expensive, there are always used units to explore around. Used units are also desirable for their reliability and comfort; it’s a Toyota after all. 

cheap cars malaysiaSpecifications and trim levels are plenty but the 2.4L four-cylinder and the 3.5L V6 engine variants mainstaples on the road. 

New Toyota Vellfire Price

Used Toyota Vellfire Price on CARSOME

RM200,000  – RM435,000 RM170,000 – RM200,000

Mazda 6 Touring 

cheap cars malaysiaMazda’s line of cars has always been a favorite among upper-middle-class families. One such example is the Mazda 6 Sedan which has a station wagon variant that isn’t talked about. 

cheap cars malaysiaThe Mazda 6 is a mid-sized sedan often seen on our roads, but the station wagon variant, for some reason, isn’t popular around. Did you know the Mazda 6 Touring has more boot volume than the popular Mazda CX-5?

This is a car that will turn heads in your hometown and who knows, inspire more station wagon enthusiasts for the future. 

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New Mazda 6 Touring Price

Used Mazda 6 Touring Price on CARSOME

RM200,000  – RM435,000 RM170,000 – RM200,000

Why You Should Buy From CARSOME? 

All CARSOME Certified Cars are carefully inspected via the 175-point inspection to ensure all our cars are free from flood and fire damage. In addition, all CARSOME Certified Cars are professionally refurbished to ensure they stay roadworthy. 

Furthermore, we do all the paperwork for you at no extra cost. So what you see on our website or mobile app is the final price! 

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