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Prefer to Buy a Car Offline? Complete Your Car Buying Journey in Person with CARSOME

Most people spend at least a few hours online every day, be it for work, entertainment, or shopping. And like almost anything these days, you can even buy a car online. Although completing transactions online has become more common, it’s understandable that many users still prefer to do things in person, especially when it comes to buying expensive items such as a car. 

If you’ve been thinking of buying a car from CARSOME but prefer the offline approach, fret not as we are more than happy to help you. Here’s how you can buy your car from CARSOME without doing it all online.

Browse for Your Car Online or in Person

The first step to getting your dream car is filtering through our large selection of vehicles to find one that fits your wants and needs. If you have a good idea of what you want, you can browse our inventory online or on the CARSOME app, or search for the vehicle model you’re interested in. 

For your convenience, our online platform gives you the power to filter a range of vehicle criteria including brand, model, body type, budget, and more. Once you find a car you’re interested in, you can simply make a test drive appointment for a day and time of your choice.

That said, you can always walk into your nearest CARSOME Experience Center where you can browse the available vehicles in person. If you don’t see a vehicle on site that piques your interest, our CARSOME Consultants can assist you to search for suitable vehicles in our system. So don’t hesitate to say hello.

Get a Friendly Consultation in Comfort

Buying a used car in Malaysia is often regarded as a hassle with transactions done in cramped sheds. That’s not the case with CARSOME. Our Experience Centers are thoughtfully designed with plush sofas where you can wait to collect your car, comfortable desks where you can get a consultation, and refreshments to keep you hydrated. 

CARSOME Experience Center

Most importantly, our CARSOME Consultants are there to answer all your questions and handle your paperwork. Buying a car whether online or offline can be confusing especially if it’s your first time, and our consultants are happy to walk you through the process. We can help you:

  • Narrow down the right vehicle for you
  • Navigate the trade-in process if you plan to trade in a car
  • Explain the buying process including the loan process, fees, and estimated timeline
  • Handle all the paperwork such as for loan processing and vehicle ownership transfer
  • Grab our latest deals and promotions

Get Help with Your Test-Drive

A key part of buying a used car in Malaysia is the test drive. With CARSOME, making an appointment for your test drive takes just a few clicks on our website. However, if you find the car you like at our Experience Center, you can always examine the car and even schedule a test drive in person. On the day of your test drive, your CARSOME Consultant will prepare the car for you and accompany you on your drive so you can ask all the questions you need to get to know the car better.

Need Help Booking Your Car? Do It in Person

If you’d like to buy a CARSOME car after your test drive, your consultant can guide you to complete your booking, and give you the confirmation in minutes. We accept booking fee payments via credit card and FPX online banking so you don’t need to run to the bank to prepare a check or withdraw cash. You can do it quickly and securely right at our Experience Center. 

If you’d like to speed up the process of getting your car, bring along the required documents and we’ll submit your loan application as soon as possible. Once the loan is approved and the ownership transfer is complete, your consultant will contact you for your car delivery.

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Customer collecting new car keys from CARSOME

Collect Your New Car & Celebrate 

When it’s time for your car delivery, we’ll make sure to prepare your car and have all the necessary documents ready for you. Collecting your car at the Experience Center also means you’ll have the perfect backdrop to capture this occasion which we’ll be happy to help you document with a picture. Still have questions about your car? Feel free to ask your consultant before you drive home with your new ride.

Online or in Person, Buy Your Car Your Way with CARSOME

Whether you buy your car online or offline, we’re here to give you the most seamless experience possible. Just choose the method you’re most comfortable with and we’ll help you every step of the way. 

Looking for a quality used car in Malaysia? Check out CARSOME. Buying a car from CARSOME means you can rest assured that it’s thoroughly inspected at 175 points to rule out major accident, flood, and fire damage.

You’ll also enjoy a five-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty with every CARSOME Certified car.

Buy your dream car at carsome.my or download our app today.


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