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3 Easy Tips to Avoid Car Mat Related Accidents

Savannah Chrisley, one of the stars of hit American reality TV series Chrisley Knows Best, barely escaped with her life after she was seriously injured in a car accident back in 2017.

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The accident happened when she ducked down while driving to fix the car mat that was stuck under her car’s gas pedal, causing her vehicle to crash into a guard rail. Looks like car mats do play an important part in determining your survival while driving.

Over the years, there have been multiple reports of accidents that involved poorly fitted car mats that draped over pedals or got stuck under them – causing the victims to lose control of their vehicle.

It’s always best to take necessary precautions when it comes to your safety. One way you can do this is by getting your car floor mats professionally installed at TRAPO’s hubs, preventing any safety hazards while driving in the future.

Here are some easy tips that can help you avoid car floor mat related accidents from happening.

1) Use Only One Layer of Car Floor Mat

There are a few types of car floor mats that you can purchase for your car – fabric floor mats, rubber mats, all-weather floor mats, nomad floor mats, and 3D floor mats. Since each of these mats has different protection properties, people sometimes stack multiple floor mats without considering the risk of doing so.

multiple black rubber car floor mat on top of each other

But with multiple layers of floor mats, you will not be able to ensure a secure placement and they could end up shifting around, endangering you while driving. One floor mat is more than enough to keep your car clean, as long as you take proper care of it.

2) Clear The Area Around Your Pedals

Believe it or not, there are some people who cover the pedals of their car with another layer of floor mat in order to keep them clean and protect them from damage. However, this is very unsafe as you will not be able to properly reach and step on your pedals when they are covered.

high heel shoe stuck under car pedals

Car pedals and the area around them must be clear of any objects so you will be able to access them easily. With multiple layers of floor mats, some of them might shift around while you drive and will end up stuck under your pedals – causing you to lose control. This can be avoided by using TRAPO’s floor mat with strong anti-slip technology.

3) Keep Your Car Floor Clean

Another reason that causes drivers to lose control of their car while driving is putting slippers, bottles, or handbags in the driver’s foot space. These items will roll around when you’re turning or braking when driving and they will block the pedals, causing you to lose control of your car.

vacuuming car floor mat in car

Always clear out your car floor before you start driving, especially the driver’s foot space area. You can also prepare small bins in the car to help you store small trash or a storage box that you can use to store your shoes, slippers, or handbags.

Investing in high-quality, professionally installed car mats, like those offered by TRAPO, can significantly reduce the risks associated with car floor mats. Their anti-slip technology and precise fit ensure that your mats stay in place, reducing the chances of accidents caused by floor mats.

If you’re looking for floor mats that are suitable for your car but not sure how to choose one, reach out to TRAPO for assistance. They have various car floor mats that will suit your needs and can provide you with a comfortable and secure ride.

Remember, your floor mats can be the difference between a safe drive and a fatal accident. So, choose wisely.

This article was originally published at my.trapo.asia.

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